Friday, December 9, 2011

Chewy & Patches Part III

Here's the last set of pix taken on 07122011 before Patches returned to her Mommy on 08122011. I will miss Patches! I wish Mom could get me a new kitty kat because I'm quite sick of Chewy already... & besides, which pup doesn't love new stuff anyways?

Chewy is a kung-fu cat

Patches: me ish Patches Potter! watch me turn u into a toad!
Chewy: TRY ME

Pat: omg, she didn't turn into a toad! -.-
Chewy to Velvet: oui, now u see how powerful I am?
Velvet: it's okay lil' Pat, practice makes perfect
Cotton: oooo how come this lil' kitty has got powers?

Bye lil' Patches! We miss you! Not sure about that meanie-chewy though...

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