Saturday, October 6, 2012


Time passes so quickly and most of the time, our humans fail to notice the minute changes we go through as we age...

It's always been Mom's wish for us to live life to the fullest (unfortunately, dogs and cats can't really live life to our fullest her in this country) age gracefully and leave in our sleep without any chronic diseases. But how many of us can or will leave our humans peacefully like that...?

Today, Mom took out all her old CDs of our younger pictures and transferred them over to her external drive. Unfortunately, Lauryn didn't have any soft copies pix of her much much younger days... Mom only managed to find some 3 years and older pix of her in the CDs.

This is a pix she found and look at how much the fawn fur on her back has changed to white. It is said that fawn colored dogs usually have this problem (Lauryn is a fawn/white). Not much color difference for her head, more on her back. Picture quality on a mobile phone was pretty bad in 2004 compared to now. But you can more or less see the difference from a nice distinct white marking to erm, no markings. It's almost like you're seeing two different dogs below.  

Mom hopes she'll have AT LEAST another 7 (or more!!!) wonderful years with us. She's after-all Mom's first child.

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