Friday, October 19, 2012


Aww... Mom passed by an arcade and saw this cute lil'-calico-in-a-box in the claw machine and just had to get her out because she thinks she looks SO MUCH like Chewy!

Look at the uncanny markings on the face and the ears! Each catch cost S$1.50 and Mom spent S$12 to get her out. Well, actually she caught her bro (a ginger one) and exchanged it for Chewy-jr.

So cute right?! Even Grandma finds them so similar. But all Chewy wanted to do... was to chew her jr up. -__-

Ginger cat's left all alone in there and is used as bait. Mom went back and caught him twice to exchange for a big Control Bear X Hello Kitty the next day. And on Sunday night, won two camo Control Bear (waiting for stock)!

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