Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Canine (Heartbeat) Lullabies

On 23 July 2012, Mom purchased a downloadable version of Canine Lullabies for us. It's way cheaper than the CD itself and of cuz, no shipping required at all.

The results are almost immediate and Mom plays it on the portable radio (repeat mode of 18 heartbeat lullabies) whenever she leaves the house. All four of us stay in her room whenever Mom's leaves the house, so when the lullabies come on, we'll know that she's gonna be out. Mom's parents have commented that since the CDs were on, we have become very quiet and are sound asleep even when they open our room door to check on us at times.

A segment from the website about how it works:

The music evolves to other animal species

    For years, Woodford would roll his eyes when parents wrote him about how their baby’s Heartbeat Lullabies CD was also calming their dog to sleep. He just assumed when the baby stopped crying the dog got a break like everyone else in the family.

    But in 2004, members of the American Boarding Kennels Association (ABKA) verified that parents were on to something. Over 90 kennels reported that playing Heartbeat Lullabies for anxious dogs reduced separation anxiety, diarrhea, aggression and excessive barking. That same year researchers reported calming aggressive male chimps to sleep by playing the CD at the Honolulu Zoo. 

    Woodford knew if he tried to market the baby lullaby CD to calm barking dogs, he would be setting himself up for ridicule and disbelief from skeptics. But when he saw the music calm 50 frightened barking dogs in less than two minutes in a Colorado humane society, he decided to go for it. “It would have been irresponsible not to share the dramatic successes animal care providers were having playing the CD for their upset dogs,” says Woodford. “When we played the Canine Lullabies CD stress levels were way low which makes the dogs a lot easier to adopt.” Says, Susan Friedenburg, Adoption Manager, Colorado Humane Society /SPCA Englewood.

    “When I tout the benefits of playing the Canine Lullabies CD for an upset dog usually the first reaction I get is a smile or laughter,” Woodford says. “This is such a simple off-the-wall solution that most dog owners think I’m either na├»ve, a far out new ager, or a quack. But when they play the CD for an anxious barking dog, they are just as surprised and amazed as I was the first time I saw it work.”

    Hundreds of humane societies, rescue shelters and animal clinics across America and Great Britain are discovering they can make their dogs more comfortable and more adoptable by playing the Canine Lullabies CD. Upon request the Canine Lullabies CDs are provided free to shelters, humane societies, and animal clinics to use in their facility.

    Woodford is a recognized therapeutic music expert – both in artistic creation and in marketing innovation.  He speaks nationally to nurses, doctors, social workers, parents and other care providers on how to use music and why it works to help heal and calm frightened children adults and other animals.

    Woodford’s advice is widely sought by parents and he has been an informative and entertaining guest on national, regional and local media including CBS Up to the Minute, TNN, CBC (Journal Diary), Health Network’s “Ask the Pediatrician”, The 700 Club, BBC and others. He’s been interviewed in over 400 local TV news stories, TV talk shows, talk radio programs and newspapers in American and Canadian cities.

 So yup, you can be sure this works because we've tried it! So be it a human baby or cat/dog or even adults will all benefit with this calming heartbeat lullabies. 

We bought the (downloadable) Combo CD with 18 songs for only USD19.95 (SGD26.05). The actual CD would have cost Mom a total of USD30.95 (including USD6 for shipping) which is SGD40.42! Makes perfect sense to just purchase the downloadable version. But Mom only received it the following day after emailing them at . So fret not and email them if anything!

Alternatively there's Volume 1 with only 9 heartbeat lullabies

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