Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Cherimoya aka Custard Apple and our Cherimoya's New 2nd Hideout

Don't think a picture of a cherimoya has been posted as yet. Dad found a lil' cute 2nd hideout for Cherimoya today and it was the last piece on sale at only S$6 from S$9.95. It wasn't sold at a petshop nor is it for a hamster specifically. It's actually a pen-holder! More details below.

Lucky for us its green too and not red.


''What does a cherimoya taste like? A perfectly ripe cherimoya is an intoxicating combination of tropical flavors like bananas, coconut, strawberries, and mangoes. Some people also taste pineapple and papayas. Don't think one fruit could possibly have all of those ambrosial flavors? Then try one to see for yourself.''


''Outside, it looks like what your fertile imagination would say is a dinosaur egg, with its matte green shingled skin, but once you thwack it open, it reveals a creamy ivory colored flesh that is naturally sweet, with a bit of a hint of pineapple, or mango, or maybe peach, or all three. Hmmm…maybe even a pina colada flavor, without the booze! A few large black seeds are easily flung out of the way. There’s no need for a bowl, either. Just scoop straight from the skin and into your gaping maw, like you would a melon.''

How to eat a cherimoya, the BEST fruit in the world!

Here's our lil' Cherimoya in her new green apple house! It's her 2nd hideout apart from the typical pink one.

74 days young today! and only approx. 100g

''helllooo? me cherimoya in new housie.
mommy says this best housie she find for cherimoya
because suits cherimoya's name.

next time u chew chew (custard) apple,
imagine me cherimoya inside,okie?''

The apple pen-holder is available in red and green from Typo. Link to their FB:

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