Thursday, May 16, 2013

The Face of CUTE

Cherimoya's pretty small for a 61 days young syrian. But it's okay... because she runs on her wheel alot and eats only organic fresh veg/seeds/nuts/grains etc. Yeaps, she's a vegetarian hammie and doesn't like commercial hamster foods sold in a pack.

mom says this is THE face of cute. and i SO agree

 How much Cherimoya has grown! And so beautifully too. Mom thinks she looks so different... but thats cuz their color will continue to darken as they grow revealing their true color.. so Mom is hoping her color (red or orange) will be more intense and vibrant. She'll still be growing in both size and weight till she's about 4 or 5 months young.

Mom is simply so thankful and ecstatic to have found Cherimoya's breeder and gotten her. They're still in touch with one another and Mom updates her on Cherimoya with pix and all and she's always sharing info with Mom. She's pretty glad that Cherimoya's with Mom because she gets fresh organic foods and has us for companions! (syrian hamsters are solitary animals so they can't live together with their kind)

Cherimoya makes everyone around her happy! And she's definitely one beautiful and tame syrian hammie. If there's a hamster show in Singapore like in the US... Mom would surely enter her because her color is actually quite even and nice.

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