Thursday, May 30, 2013

Lil' Apple House, Lil' Cherimoya

Pardon Mom for the flooding of Cherimoya's posts. You see, Mom says that hamsters don't live very long lives (not that we live very long too like humans), probably 2 to 3 years usually or 5 years MAX which is really very old for a syrian hamster. So Mom just wants to capture moments of Cherimoya as much as possible.

And Cherimoya is extremely special to Mom (and me too! I LOVE Cherimoya so muchie that I'm her 24/7 personal bodyguard!), for a few good reasons... 

see me? all u nid to do is to shout ''cherimoya!!'' or
''where's cherimoya?!''
and i'll be there faster than lightning, superman or spiderman

cherimoya is smiling. mom is always smiling when she sees this pix

mom says cherimoya's the cutest worm
to ever crawl out from an apple

stall tall my cherimoya!

gymnast cherimoya!

lil' nutty cherimoya

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