Friday, October 11, 2013

Grandma Honey's Abscess

On Wednesday noon, Mom & Dad came home from work and realized Grandma Honey's left side of her mouth was swollen. She was still looking okay no swells or anything the night before. Still active and bright-eyed, altho eating lesser, prolly due to the discomfort/pain. So they got her to the vet and according to the vet, it was a soft abscess which means its not a (cancerous) tumor, otherwise it'd be rock hard.

Since she's already coming to 1 yr 8 months, he suggested an antibiotic to be diluted in her water for abt 4 to 5 days to see if the swell subsides. If it doesn't, he'd have to gas her out to see what's wrong with her teeth.

So today's Friday and the swell has gone down slightly, but her on the swollen side of the mouth seems to have difficulty opening.

sigh, this week hasn't been a gd week for Mom. Grandma Honey's case + she dropped her smartphone and the LCD cracked... ended up getting it repaired only to return back the next day to have them change the entire thing again because the screen's sticking out.

Mom's been reiki-ing Grandma Honey hoping it would help her loads. She also seems to be taking to it well, sticking to the areas where Mom/Dad's hand is.

it looks like blood but its not blood. its wet cuz we wiped that area

just a 5-10mins consultation +
this Antibiotic cost Mom S$46.90. faints

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