Saturday, March 22, 2014

8 Days Pets 'N' The City 2014

Chewy actually placed 2nd in the Most Photogenic Pet Contest by 8 Days Pets 'N' The City held on 22 Mar 2014!

Mom submitted Chewy's and my pix but mine wasn't selected =(

So when they received an email that Chewy was shortlisted to be Top 3, they were psyched!

Actually they kinda thought the pix was selected to be amongst many to vie for the Top 3 but it was in fact already in the Top 3 and results to be announced at the event day itself was just the placing of 1st 2nd or 3rd.

Not bad that Chewy got 2nd haha!

2012's event

 2013's event


So Mom and Dad brought me and Chewy down for the event. Cotton was left at home with Grandma because she'd be too hyper there and we wouldn't have any hands left to snap pictures. Event started at 1630 hours and we reached there at about 1730 hours (a lil' too early) and wandered around for awhile waiting for the prize presentation at 1930 hours. We missed the photography talk at 1635 hours though... speaker was Cherimoya's photographer C.S. Ling and Cherimoya's pix was amongst some of those she printed on an A2 canvas to talk about there.

Nothing much to do there so we sat down mostly just taking random pix of passing animals. Some ppl were curious and played with Chewy. There were LOADS of red poodles there, mostly toys.

Some of the cute and interesting animals there!

that's Max the standard poodle with a red head

check out the dude behind Max hah!

cutie pair of 4 or 5 months young kitties!
i was soooo interested in them!

they donch like me =(

i liked them and wanted to sniff sniff them
but they hissed hissed at me n i was scared

finally i gets to sniff sniff them...

Dad was pushing me towards kitty but i was scared of kitty's hiss
because kitty was scared of me...

another Max! Max the dachie this time on his bike


did this pix require u to look twice? hah...

the super calm rabbit always surrounded by dogs there

see cherimoya's acrylic tile up there

forever surrounded

April who was placed 3rd in the contest

photo from 8 days FB page

Mom, i'm tired!

Mom is looking to either sell all the kibbles and treats (2x 1.81kg turkey formula red packs, 2x 1.59kg turkey formula, 3x treats) or donate them to a shelter that can collect them all asap.

Email Mom if you'd like to purchase them or know of any shelters that want them and are able to self-collect asap.

Thanks! Hope you enjoyed all the pix!

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