Sunday, March 16, 2014

Cherimoya is ONE!

Today marks Cherimoya's FIRST birthday on the 16 of March 2014! Happy first birthday to Mom's heart-hamster (and mine too)!

As you all know, the lifespan of syrian hamsters is about 2 years with the oldest in the world being 7+ yo. We hope Cherimoya lives for a few more good years with her super diet of organic raw veg, seeds, nuts, grains! Mom really loves her so much, and Pitaya too of cuz just that Cherimoya is Mom's heart-hamster just like I'm Mom's heart-dog. It's kinda weird because both Cherimoya and I are both born in the month of March on even-numbered dates (she's on the 16th and I'm on the 28th) and on odd-numbered years (she's in 2013 and I'm 2005)! Mom thinks she has an affinity with animals born on such dates haha! Prolly just a coincidence as well... who's to say...

Just a few pix of dear Cherimoya on her 1st birthday! Dad made her a party-hat within a few minutes haha! SO CUTEEEE!

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