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A Look Into What We Eat Everyday

So Mom did some videos up but haven't got to posting them on our blog. They're videos on what we eat everyday... our organic raw food... including our syrian hamsters! Yes! They're on organic raw food too, nothing like the usual hamster food in a packet. Although hamsters also consume live insects in the wild, but Mom doesn't want to feed them our organic raw meats because hamsters store food in their pouches and lil' houses and Mom doesn't want the meats rotting there especially in their pouches which can cause infections. Since Mom is afraid of insects, so she just gives them organic raw veg, seeds, nuts and grains. Everything 100% organic and over 10 different organic ingredients for them every single day. They're fed VERY differently from other typical hamsters, but they're growing up very well and thriving on this raw-vegan diet... they're turning 1 year young this year too! Cherimoya next month and Pitaya on May. I am very proud of MY beautiful raw-vegan hamsters! Ok technically they're Mom's since Mom feeds them and takes care of them, but I love them so much so I consider them little cuties to be mine as well. 

You may click on the video directly to read the details if you wish to know more. Mom wrote all the details under the youtube videos directly.

click [here] for all that we eat.

another vid of Chewy eating her organic meats/bones/supps

organic rainbow chard

organic red chard

organic butterhead lettuce

organic radish

assorted organic raw veg from local organic veg shop

Above (click on individual supps to their respective links):

organic extra virgin coconut oil, home-made organic-feed eggshell powder, organic raw CoQ10 (twice a week), organic spirulina tablets (blend with veg), organic raw mushroom complex, truganic raw green mush, pycnogenol, organic raw moringa, bio-curcumin, blueberry extract, RNA (ribonucleic acid), organic probiotics , organic thorvin kelp meal (not pictured, blend with veg), krill oil (twice to thrice a week, fed separately, not pictured here).

bowls - approx. 240ml of veg smoothie blend of over 10 different organic raw veg including 100ml (diamond) water each.

This 3rd part vid (below) is skipped as Mom now blends our organic veg fresh daily like in Part 2a and 2b (2a is 2015 updated vid) above (500ml shared amongst both me and Cotton per day) instead of refrigerating them because she thinks its much better and fresher this way although its more troublesome taking over 10 different organic veg out from the fridge everyday and putting them back again and chopping into smaller pieces etc. But anything for our health, Mom says! 

The (Local) Organic veg Mom uses DAILY (small amount of about 10 different veg per day and rotating some) are: kale/purple kale, kailan (aka chinese kale), xiao bai cai, dou miao (aka pea sprouts), broccoli sprouts, alfalfa sprouts, wasabi sprouts, sunflower sprouts, red/yellow capsicum, broccoli, carrots, cucumber, nai bai, romaine lettuce (NOT iceberg lettuce), wheatgrass, beet root, purple cabbage, celery, and also organic blueberries blended together with the assorted veg. Once in a blue moon some organic garlic. Sprouts and kale are the best veggies so its good to feed lotsa them. When it comes to veg, the basic rule is, the more colorful the better. Avoid veg from the spinach family as they are high oxalate veggies which hinder in calcium absorption. Try to get local grown organic veg as far as possible because they are fresher, therefore contain higher amount of nutrients compared to imported ones which take too long to arrive to our doorstep with all the processes. All veg to be blended or juiced as dogs cannot break down and digest the cellulose walls of veg. Light steaming is ok but Mom hates feeding us cooked food as nutrients are altered and destroyed so it's an absolute no-no for us. Not to mention you'll only be wasting your money on organic veg if u plan on cooking them destroying their nutrients. 

Mom even does rei-ki on the her vita-mix blender hoping it doesn't break down because it's working so hard everyday with our veg and Mom and Dad's as well lol.

Anyways, should you wish to refrigerate/freeze the veg, add Braggs organic ACV (apple cider vinegar) to the blend as a natural preservative. Storage-wise would be 3 to 4 days at best, but it can go on for a week or so if you're lazy to blend them every other day, just that the nutrients will deplete with time. So if you can, do it everyday instead for optimal nutrients.

Mom knows of many ppl who don't believe in the power of veg both for themselves and their dogs/cats. So far, all of those whose dogs/cats Mom know of who aren't on any veg have some sort of health issues ranging from skin, to ears, to organs and even cancer. And so far, Mom also knows they've resorted to using holistic supplements or TCM herbs to try cure those dis-ease (and they work!) And please know that those holistic supps and herbs ARE vegetables! Instead of having your dogs end up with such dis-ease, why not maintain their health with FRESH RAW ORGANIC UNPROCESSED vegetables! Remember that supplements and herbs are already processed to either powder/liquid form. Why choose processed ''nutrients'' over unprocessed raw phyto-nutrients and phyto-minerals found in organic raw fresh veg? The only ''trouble'' here is that you've to blend them to a pulp or juice them for us to absorb nutrients from the veg as we can't break down the cellulose walls of veg. Are your dogs/cats not worth all those time and effort for the sake of their health?

All dogs need vegetables because today's meat do not contain optimal nutrients from soil erosion, lack of blood from the dead animal, time storage issues etc. You can keep being in denial and argue that dogs don't need veg, but the cold hard fact remains that ALL holistic vets encourage the feeding of veg and using holistic/herbal supps for dis-eases. The very fact that those supps/herbs work and cure, leaves absolutely NO room for argument about dogs needing veg and thriving from them. And of cuz our current state of health from eating so much organic raw blended/juiced veg everyday is enough proof to Mom.

This is roughly how much Mom spends roughly on us per year:

our organic meats in our 100L chest freezer:

organic whole chicken + organic diced pork + organic diced lamb
+ organic feed eggs = S$1693.95 (UP S1783.08)

frozen whole rabbits instead of organic whole chickens
if the latter is out of stock (rarely tho)

whole rabbit (not organic)

organic whole chicken S$34/kg

kangaroo (game meat) rotated with organic lamb, organic pork,
and venison (game meat)

venison (game meat)

Click [here] for full write-up on freeze-dried raw lamb green tripe

The next vid below is what we ''eat'' on our fasting day which is on every Monday. Fasting allows us to rest our digestive system so that other parts of the body that requires healing can use the time to heal instead of trying to digest food all day (this is another reason why we're only fed once a day and not through-out the day). In humans, this is called juice-fasting. Drinking only (organic) juice (and of cuz water) and no solid food at all. Juicing the ''blood'' of the plant allows the body to absorb the nutrients of the plant without having to digest the fibre/pulp. Smoothies/puree on the other hand (see Part 2 of vid above) retains the fibre and allows for better bowel movement and acting as a natural filler keeping us feeling fuller . Both smoothies and juices have their merits so Mom gives both form to us. Humans can juice-fast for as short as 3 days to as long as 3 months straight and even CURE chronic diseases that no conventional doctors can cure. Watch the last vid below ''Fat Sick & Nearly Dead'' for a better understanding.

This is just a cheap manual juicer which cost S$35 compared to Mom's huge S$189 (discounted) Philips Avance Collection Juicer. Other better juicers like Hurom Slow Juicers (ideal juicer to juice organic wheatgrass) cost a whooping S$600. This manual jucier is like a kid-dult's toy haha! Suitable for juicing small amounts of juice and especially for us since we doggies don't consume litres of juices like humans do. The pulp is surprisingly relatively dry as well.

Another recommended read if you're wondering about water for health ( )

Our water-source ( )

Hope the vids have been helpful to some of you out there. Basically Mom uses ANY veg with a variety of colors involved EXCEPT spinach as it is a high-oxalate veg and hinders with our absorption of calcium. It has its benefits, but since Mom is already giving us SO MANY varieties, she reckons its safe to leave spinach out. If you wish to feed it, just not so often.

For fruits, blending them is best for us to absorb them better. Sometimes Mom gets lazy and cuts organic apples into tiny pieces or frozen organic blueberries for us instead. Sometimes she blends them up if she feels like it.

If you're wondering about timing issues, what time to feed etc. Please feed ANYTIME. No fixed timing is the best according to Mom. We can get our food today at 7am today and at 11pm the next day. It doesn't matter! Healthy dogs are not supposed to be anticipating food all day long. Feeding at a fixed time daily would encourage puking of bile because the brain is attuned to be ''expecting'' food in the body at ie 12pm everyday for the past few years and hence, the brain learns to instruct the body to release and send all the digestive enzymes, blood etc to digest food. And when NO food is there (say if you're busy and missed the timing), the dog starts vomiting bile. So don't train your dog's brain to expect food at the same time everyday because it's not good for them both mentally and physically. No animal eats at the same time everyday. They simply aren't design for that routine. We're fed over a 3+ hour period to allow time to digest the various different food from fruits to veg to meat/bones. After that, we're done for the entire day, no treats too. Treats are a once in a blue moon thing for us. Yes, it's quite evil of Mom to do that most of you would say. We think so too lol. But I trust Mom completely and know she just loves us so much and simply wants to do what's best for us.

That's about it for now with our food. Mom's always modifying it but it's roughly the same overall.

Want to know more about what a juice-fast is all about? Check out the vid below ''Fat Sick & Nearly Dead''. How a juice-fast can cleanse and rid the body off dis-ease.

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