Friday, February 7, 2014

Acupuncture for Cat

Today's Chewy's 1st acupuncture session! She behaved better than Mom and Dad expected! Just like how cats react better with Rei-ki than other animals. Quite surprising eh cuz it's usually dogs that do acupuncture.

First, Mom took Chewy next door to get the referral for acupuncture. Dr. Tay was the attending vet and all was well. Chewy licks her tummy area quite excessively til it's quite bald there and he says it could be a sign of stress. Not that it's anything bad but just like humans, some are naturally more stressed than others.

So then we proceeded to the acupuncture side and Cotton was in a room with Dad, and Mom with Chewy and me in the other room.

I was poked first followed by Chewy. Mom was quite afraid she'd feel sensitive at certain areas because Dr. Oh first poked her private part area just under the tail! So Mom kept making her comfy by sayang-ing her and all was well. After she was done poking, she inched towards the cell-plate which emits heat for our cells because cats loveee the heat so much! After she leopard-crawled under the cell-plate, she rested her head on Mom's hand throughout while I was put on the electric current to stimulate the nerves.

So Mom had one hand on Chewy and one on me to rei-ki us because acupuncture works best with rei-ki. Watch the vid below of Chewy being poked! If your cat has any issues from health to mental to behavior, try TCM acupuncture! Dr. Oh also prescribed a herbal med for Chewy for her stomach to boost appetite and hopefully to stop the excessive licking of the tummy area IF it's associated with the stomach.

No pictures of Cotton today haha! Cotton was also given another extra med! Now she has a four different types in total while I've only two, and Chewy just one. Watch how much I LOVE my herbal meds below! Mom took a sip of it and says it's pretty tasteless aside from the strong herbal scent which I totally don't mind at all! Cotton has to be force-fed it because she's quite turned-off by the smell. The capsules are made of natural glutinous rice but Mom prefers us just taking the powder alone.

Mom also learned alota TCM stuff from Dr. Oh like the yin and yang, why cats love the heat and why modern day dogs are scared of it and prefer the cold, and not to mention skin issues being suppressed with drugs instead of treating the whole body internally etc. For dogs with skin/ear or any external problems, go for acupuncture to treat the internal aspect and you will see results very quickly. It doesn't mean you need to have joint/spinal probs to do acupuncture. I think you can treat anything with acupuncture! Just like Rei-ki! And Dr. Oh is also very confident of doing it for humans with dis-ease as well because like I've mentioned before in the other post, acupuncturists that can treat animals can treat humans too. But acupuncturists who can only treat humans cannot treat animals. Dr. Oh gives TCM lectures to both doctors and vets.

Mom also told Dr. Oh that she bathes me and Cott once every 3 months when its time for our full-groom. Other than that, she doesn't shower us at all. Dr. Oh's reply was, ''ok, that's ok. I've a golden retriever client whom has never bathed his entire life, right here in singapore. He looks fantastic. Fur very waxy but very good! best is don't bathe them at all if you can!''

That's it. Mom's FAVORITE FAVORITE holistic TCM vet!

Dr. Oh also said he has handle lotsa aggressive cats and he just has a way of handling them. So if your cat's aggressive due to fear or whatever, I think you can be rest-assured as Dr. Oh's pretty confident and very experienced.

Mom rei-ki-ing Chewy with 1 hand and me with the other
(when she's not holding the cam)

Cutest pix, Mom says! of me of cuz!

$880 worth of herbal meds. 1 bottle for Chewy, 2 for me and 4 for Cotton.

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