Tuesday, February 4, 2014

2nd Acupuncture Session

Today's our 2nd session and already the TCM vet Dr. Oh says Cotton's left leg (which happens to be her arthritic leg and weakest) is the strongest of all her legs today! That was before Mom said anything about Cotton not limping at all during her walk yesterday. Once Cott walks too long, she will start limping on her left foreleg but she was totally fine yesterday. Mom's so happy that the treatment and herbal meds are working well on her... so despite it being VERY expensive, she will continue on with the sessions and herbal meds.

Dr. Oh has also customized a herbal med for Cotton's liver for her tear stains. He says her liver is too heaty and thus resulting in the excessive tearing and staining of face. He guarantees her face will be white soon. Mom and Dad hope so too!

These meds are 100% natural from herbs and are suitable for human consumption too. Just have to consult him for the difference in dosage. So, no worries about them taxing on our organs unlike conventional drugs. I'm popping 8 caps a day while Cotton's popping 16! But Cott's dosage will be reduced to 14 caps next week. Cushla is popping 40 caps a day! But thankfully, it's starting to show results as her tumor's becoming soft. All paws and fingers crossed for Cushla! Western meds are of no hope for her nose cancer and she's given only 6 to 8 weeks to live and TCM (also recommended by the specialist) is the ONLY option to help save her life. Mom also rei-kis her alot whenever she can and during her acupuncture sessions too. Cushla's mommy has also signed up for the next Rei-ki seminar! Mom is so happy because then she will be able to receive support from her own Mom everyday.

Cotton's behavior towards Dr. Oh today was also better than the previous time. Hopefully his herbal meds for her nervousness/timidness and fear aggression is working well in calming her down and building up her self-confidence. However today, Cotton was poked while she was lying down and she stood up after Dr. Oh left the room and once she stood up, she began to feel the pain from the needles because if we're poked in a lying down position, the muscles will start contracting once we stand up and so it will feel very very painful. She screamed till we all heard her from the other room and Dr. Oh rushed back to Cotton. She bled a little on the back from one of the points, but no biggie overall. Poor Dad who was accompanying her in the other room was so shock and yet couldn't leave her side to call anyone. But no probs because Cotton is a drama-queen and she makes sure she's heard from wherever she is haha! Mom was like omg that's Cotton screams! Luckily it wasn't anything serious. She always has lotsa antics for each session! Wonder what's next...

I on the other hand am so super good as usual. Leaning my body unto Mom in the beginning and then relaxing standing on my own 5mins later after the needles were all on me. Mom's always so proud of me and I know it!

Dr. Oh also taught Mom and Dad how to test which of our legs is weaker than the others. Today it was my right hind as usual. All other legs are strong but that leg is slightly weaker than the rest. One normal vet says it feels like Luxation Patella < (lesser than) Grade 1 to him. Also no biggie for that since it's so low grade or almost non-existent. But Mom feels its just slightly weaker than the rest, that's all. TCM vet says as long as my upper/lower vertebrates are treated and well, the legs would all be very good and strong.

kiss kiss before poke poke!

disturb everyone!

brave brave cushla!

mama + papa + son

Mom's holding unto me to prevent me from playing Flying Dagger
by shaking all the needles off like Cotton did previously

always so calm and steady!


this time round never play Flying Dagger!

$620 for these herbal meds! 100 capsules in each bottle.
I take 8 caps a day and Cotton takes 16 (will be reduced to 14 next week)!
2 bottles cost $130 each while the rest cost $120 each.
that averages 1 capsule to be $1.24! Mom is so broke
Today's damage: $350

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