Friday, February 21, 2014

6th Acupuncture Session

Today's our 6th session and our last one for the time being too because Mom and Dad has spent too much on it already. Total of S$2520 for us all.

Chewy: (1 session) $180 (1st session is $70 more, subsequent ones $110) + $130 (1 herbal med) = $310
Cotton: (6 sessions) $$730 + $510 (4 herbal meds) = $1240
Me: (6 sessions) $730 + $240 (2 herbal meds) = $970

I'm also getting scared of it till my whole body was trembling today and especially my legs. Mom says she has NEVER ever seen me tremble like that before.

Cotton's right foreleg has improved and she doesn't limp on long walks like before already altho Mom is keeping her walks shorter now too. Mom noticed even her right hindleg has improved in terms of structure as it was a lil' ''bent looking'' as she has grade 2 luxation patella on that leg. It's much straighter now almost like normal actually when Mom observes it carefully. But her tear stains and fear-aggression still hasn't improved. Actually Mom doesn't quite think her tearing is due to a heaty liver as she feeds us with mostly cooling and alkaline food (organic veg and fruits, veg has both heaty and cooling ones but she feeds more of the cooling ones and only a small portion of veg are heaty ones) and of cuz the acidic food which come from our organic meats/bones are actually a tad lesser in amount than our veg smoothies. And it's quite impossible to have heaty liver for the past 8 years. If its really due to that, then I'd be tearing non-stop like Cott as well. Mom may be wrong, but that's just her gut-feeling.

Dad noticed a calico kitty around the area but they never got the chance to snap a pix of her until today. She even has a cool ''house'' of her own specially made for her with much thought as it has ''windows'', a ''door'' and nice cosy towels laid in it haha.

She might be a lil' old Mom's guessing as she drools quite abit and her tongue comes out most of the time too.

Mom wanted to shoot her thru' the ''window'' but it was too late, she
moved outta frame =[

cosy lil' house

needles' sizes

slight bleeding on Cushla today, but it's normal

I'd have done a 360 deg flip if I were poked there

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