Sunday, February 2, 2014

1st Acupuncture Session (CNY Day 3)

Mom has decided to bring us for acupuncture after her friend's dog is diagnosed by a specialist with late-stage nose cancer with only 6-8 weeks to live is starting to show signs of improvement slowly.

Mom has always known my spine to be a little ''tight'' from the way I stretch so she rei-kis my back quite alot. My joints are good compared to Cotton's. So for me it's mainly for my spine. The vet who wrote the referral letter for my acupuncture also noticed the lens of my eyes to be a lil' bluish, which condition is termed as nuclear sclerosis - typical aging of the lens which does not affect sight like cataract does. And guess what, the TCM vet says acupuncture can help with my nuclear sclerosis too, which will help make my eyes brighter. For my back its the upper and lower vertebrate area issues, I think he said it is tight or loose I forgot hah! This would require twice a week sessions for a month and it will be all good.

I was so brave! Ok I was a lil' scared at first because I don't like to be at vet clinics. I kept on leaning my bod towards Mom sticking to her like glue so the TCM vet says he will poke some acu-points to help me relax. It worked! I started walking around the table exploring all his needles and what-nots haha! Mom says I'm her brave, brave girl always making her proud.

Cotton wasn't that all good. She's so timid and has fear aggression that its better to muzzle her to let her relax. The TCM vet says he will prescribe her a med (his meds are all natural herbal meds) to help build up her courage and self-confidence (like me!!) and not be so anxious and ''super active'' all the time. He is also confident of curing her tear stain issue which has been with her for so many years almost all her life. He says it is due to her liver and he will specially formulate a herbal med for her condition, which will be ready on the next visit (his meds are NOT cheap at all... Mom's really hoping it will work). Her right hind also has Luxation Patella (Grade 2), and right foreleg arthritis. It's all on her right side! So those are the issues to treat for Cotton... way more than mine. Ahhhhh... before I forget to mention it! As soon as the vet left the room to treat Mom's friend's dog... Cotton SHOOK all the needles off like Flying Dagger!! Or she must have thought since Mom likes hedgehogs... she'd try to be one! I tried to shake too but luckily only 1 or 2 needles fell off lol. I'm not a flying dagger expert like Cotton.

So to summarize the points to treat for us...

Velvet (me! Mom is glad I'm pretty much very healthy and happy overall) :

- Nuclear Sclerosis (typical aging of eye lens which does not affect sight, unlike cataract)
- Tightness of Upper and Lower Vertebrate (spinal area)


- Right foreleg (arthritis)
- Right hindleg (Luxation Patella Grade 2)
- Excessive tearing due to liver (treating liver to stop tearing issue for good, i hope it works!)
- Behavioral Issue (fear aggression and timidness, building up courage)

Pictures time.. to show how brave brave I am..... and how timid Cotton was haha! He poked my eyes! Mom is so proud of me because I'm always so calm and cool. Dogs with joint conditions, or even organ issues, spinal injuries etc... do consider a natural, original and holistic treatment like acupuncture. The TCM vet says the structure of cats' joints differ from dogs alot and are more ''well-connected'' to their upper body and way more flexible than dogs. But cats too respond very very well to acupuncture (just like Usui Rei-ki) for other common conditions for them like mouth ulcers etc or even behavioral problems.

Before we forget, if you want an acupuncture session for your dog/cat, you will need a referral letter from your previous vet for EACH animal as it's a strict requirement from AVA. Mom specially went to a vet nearest to her to get it and spent $82 for both of us! The letters cost $10 each and the rest went to the consultation fees... *kinda face palm*

The bill for the first acupuncture session is also SUPER high because of the consultation fees for first-timers. After that it would be about $100+ for each session thereafter.

Actually you don't have to have problems to go for acupuncture. You can seek acupuncture for better blood circulation, boosting appetite, better sleep/alertness/behavior etc. Mom loves the TCM (ie acupuncture, chiropractic) ways because they are holistic and safe. All medications are special formulated natural herbs (customized ones available as well for individual issues) and even the capsules are made from glutinous rice!

So, Mom will be bringing us for regular acupuncture sessions even when our issues are ''solved'' just for general health maintenance.

And did you know that over here... if one is a practicing acupuncture vet, he/she is qualified to perform on humans as well, but if its the reverse (only qualified to perform on humans), then they're not allowed to perform acupuncture for animals. Interesting, isn't it.

see... poke poke my eyes and i was so cool abt it

$850 damage for today

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