Friday, March 28, 2014

My 9th Barkday!

Yes! I turn 9 yrs young today! Mom as usual brought us out to our fav. place again for our photoshoot. Unfortunately it was quite wet and we got all muddy especially Cotton so we had to bathe again after that including Chewy! Boy is that cat pissed..... going out early in the morning and then bathing later on.

After that, Mom brought me and me alone to visit my mom and bro. Not that I really care... all my bro wanted to do was sniff and sniff me non-stop and I didn't like it of cuz especially when he's soooo dirty and smelly when I'm all washed and squeaky clean. Don't want Mom to bathe me AGAIN all because of him, you know...

Cotton sure had more fun than me even though it's MY barkday. You'll see why from the pix... 

wakie wakie rise and shine! only cott's awake!

her sit-up stunt

Mom says I look SO gorgeous! THE most gorgeous mini
schnauzer in her eyes...

Mom says this shot would've been a pix worth a painting of a solo-me

yea she likes to say cheeeese

was trying to see mom!

a fairy-tale looking me

very blur but nice

its my barkday and i'll pee wherever i want

dad's fav. pix of cotton. look at THAT tongue

THAT crazy tongue

a zen-schnauzer

a zen-kitty

Chewy bathing like a boss! Dad's fav. pix haha!

my brother, Tagen!

L to R: my biological mom (11yo), bro, and me!

That's pretty much it for my 9th barkday! Kinda had lotsa fun. Mom has only two wishes for me on my barkday... to stay happy and healthy aging gracefully into my years and being with Mom for as long as I can... I love you Mom! I know you love me the most too, but I love you more!

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