Friday, December 21, 2007

My Mommy's Post...

Mom is gonna be borrowin my blog for today. I've adviced her to get a blog of her own rdy. But she insists no... oh well, bein the kind n helpful dogter, ima juz lend her for this once...i hope!

A post by my mommy... to all dog owners or dog owners wanna-be:

Ok, i've decided to post this, becuz i'm quite sick of seein how some dog owners are treatin their dogs. No offence to anyone here in particular. Just that I think, I feel like addressin this matter. Just a personal one. Again, No offence & I do hope this post would be able to help many current dog owners as well as future ones.

No doubt all of u love ur dogs. But how do u 'love' em? In the correct or wrong manner? I do not doubt ur love for ur animals, but I think many of u tend to love it the wrong way. Why do I say that?

I've seen many owners, dogs wit multiple skin problems, or stuffs like weak backs, muscles etc. A simple eg:

What do u feel upon seein the above pix? No offence to its owner. I've no doubt that u love ur dog. But to the extent of ur dog self-mutilatin itself & u not doin anythin bout it, I think ur lovin it the wrong way. U shld love it by providin it with the rite kinda diet it needs to address this worsenin skin prob, the rite amt of diet, exercise.. follow by the rite amt of affection.

Another case, a dog wit weak leg muscles & back, owner asked me y is it like dat. I told the owner simply to just REDUCE its weight becuz its far toooo overweight! The legs are not able to withstand its bodyweight & shld it jump frm a high level, its gonna affect its back & legs alot too. Then exercise it daily... wit more walks & runs. & the owner can stare @ me tinkin im mad & ignore my advices. These are the ppl in self-denial that their dogs are unhealthy & obese & r not willin to accept critisisms, r stubborn & too proud to admit that they're not providin the dog wit wat it really nids. Carry on thinkin this way, & ur dogs will be the ones sufferin ultimately. I've done my part in tellin these owners, the rest is up to em.

Like what Uncle J likes to say, "(normal) dog owners r bz fightin simple n minor probs like skin prob, ear infections etc... while WE'RE busy tryin to fight against/prevent incurable diseases like cancer, kidney failures etc by providin our dogs with the rite kinda raw natural diet & correct foods as well as exercise."

This is what I feel most dog owners today lack the knowledge of. Wheneva I see these kinda minor probs in today's dogs, I feel sorry for em... dat their owners r not able to find the time & put in the small lil' effort to address these minor probs. I especially hate the excuse of their owners sayin I'VE NO TIME unlike me who's always @ hm. Please, I've friends who are workin adults too, but their dogs r way healthier than them. Moreva, would u say this IF it was your HUMAN child? Would u treat ur child like dat? That is my main point. Dogs usually fall from grace when a human child arrives. This is saddenin.

These owners also feel like they've done their part simply by spendin TONS n TONS of $$$$ on a local vet. they think they're showerin love on them by doin so. With tons n tons of (lifelong) medication which r gonna ruin the dog's immunity. Alsom I've heard alota pple tellin me stuffs like, "my dog is very old! 10yrs old! oldest dog in my neighborhood!" Howeva, the dog is 100% blind, deaf, & EXTREME SEVERE hip dysplacia. Honestly, it doesn't matter the age wen the dog is not given quality of life. & do you noe that a dog is able to live til 27 yrs old? Yes that's the oldest dog recorded. Not 10+yrs old n halfway to meet its maker.

Another case, ppl like to say, "aiyahz dogs can't live so long... anyways my previous dog lived til 18 yrs old!!! but no proper diet! everyday juz rice wit curry...or bread etc. basically table scrapes! also can live til sooo loong!!!"

BUT, have these ppl ever once stopped for a second to think that should dey hav given the dog a proper planned & correct diet, this dog could've lived for another mayb 2-5 yrs??? or even 10?? Isn't that sweet? By extendin its life... instead of juz tinkin...YES this dog has lived so long im happy wit it n byebye to it?? When u haven't put in ur best shot for it to live longer? or a more quality life? Just... What IF???

Or dogs wit incurable diseases, hav these owners ever once tot of PREVENTIN it in the 1st place? Or even if the owner has done so, the dog could stil b given quality of life wit a proper diet & exercise. But if the owner nv once did anythin like dat...or even bother to wen the dog is down wit such diseases, then, I've to say, I feel sorry for the owner.

I hope this post hasn't offended anyone in any ways. Just that I feel, if ur not ready for the commitment in ownin a dog, please don't get one til u can commit 100%.

It is very simple to own a dog. A 3 yr old kid can own a dog. A 65 yr old man can own a dog. It is givin the dog QUALITY of life wit the proper diet & exercise, maintainin optimal health both mentally & physically dat matters. Not every1 is able to do dat, or rather, WILLIN to. Because a dog is juz a dog after all.

My dogs are not the best dogs in the world. But @ least I noe I am givin em the best I can. In terms of food, exercise. They shower once a month only, with the lousiest & cheapest human soap, yet havin their walks & runs almost daily (except if it rains or ground is wet). But they do not even smell, nor itch, nor scratch, not lick/bite/self-mutilate themselves, nor do they have any skin probs like schnauzer bumps, hotspots, rashes, ear infections etc.

(I am aimin to giv em both QUALITY & QUANTITY of life... That is my aim... I do not want em to live for juz 10yrs + n leave me sufferin... I want em to live til 20+++ yrs old (I hope)... & leave peacefully in their slp... even if dey do not make it thru 20+, I noe i've done my part & my best for em...)

Whereas I've seen owners bathein their dogs once every 3 - 7 days, n the dog stinks like nobody's biz (wit lil' or no daily walks) til u juz wanna hold ur breath. & multiple skin probs as well. That is the difference between a dog whom is fed wit the rite foods, & one whom is fed wit instant processed foods w/o any plannin on the owners' part.

Would u giv ur child that everydae? say instant foods like instant noodles EVERYDAY for 3 meals for the entire lift of ur kid? I would say 100% of ur ans would b a downrite, "NO! that's ridiculous!!" But, why are u doin this to ur dogs den? Becuz dey're juz... DOGS?

oh well, i've said almost all that i could... its ultimately up to u owners to decide wat kinda life & love are u showerin onto ur dog(s).

& for those future dog-owners, plz think b4 u get a dog. The amt of love & commitment u nid. A dog is not a toy...get an I-BO or a Tamogotchi if u aren't able to commit. Or best, get a human child instead, becuz they're ranked higher than a dog.

I'll stop here for now. Shan't go on anymore. I think just those points above shld set ppl tinkin for a moment.

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