Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Our (daily) Runs...

This is a post of our usual runs! With Sunset! You see, Mom will never let me off leash w/o Sunset near me. Becuz, I can only be trusted to run off leash in an opened area wit my one & only Sunset!

walkin hand in hand...

wit our new prongs, extension leash & multi-purpose leash (makes our walks for mom so much easier)
Top: multi-purpose leash, middle: extension, below (left to rite): micro-mini prong (mine), mini prong (Cotton's)

(Mom: Visit Leeburg's to find out more. It is not a torturous tool @ all (the most humane in fact). Just plainly misunderstoodzz by its looks. To see how much the bitches r lovin it, check out the below vid & pixs. The prong was on Velvet all the while wen she was runnin off-leashed. ;p altho its mostly covered by their coat.)

lookin @ u-noe-who...

too many booo-tiful pix of me runnin, so we've a lomo here hehe (CLICK on all lomos to hav a clearer view!)

so many many meeeeeeees! but only 1 cotton

& then she multiplied too.... copy-dog

i got divided...

There's No Need to Fear, UNDERDOG Is Here!!!

UNDERDOG'S alter-ego...

i so pity the white one tee heeee

i tot my UNDERDOG'S nose smelt some foodie... (watch how im trained to avoid all these puddles of water in the vid)

nonono, its Sunset!

i lovie my sunset... nid ta protect it... frm U-NOE-WHO

im her loyal bodyguard for life...


MTV Shots

Foamin @ the mouth... yicks!!!

She has a natural huge 'crown'... if ya noe wat i mean...

tsk tsk tsk... i spot some foam again.. sucha druggy...

a happy druggie... (Cotton: DOGGIE!!!!!)

We haven't bathed for 1 month already. So, after all these wonderful runnins for an hr & a half, we had to bathe already... not becuz we stank, but cuz mom tot our fur is too lifeless already. sheesh.

For every fun time, it comes wit a HIGH PRICE!!! (Mom: oww wat rubbish. u had a mth of playin daily (except wen it rained or the ground was wet) w/o any baths. dun make it sound like i bathe u bitches weekly ;p )

Mom!!! sigh...................... She only posted happy pix of us... no gloomy pix of us in the bathroom................................ :(


Asta said...

Hi Kids
Sowwy I haven't visited fow a while..I love those shots!!! You look pawsome as undewdog! heheh how did youw Mom evew make those shots of many of you??way cool!
That is so nice that you pwotect youw sunset!
I donth think you sistew looks like a dwuggie eithew!
smoochie kisses

Ben_Benjamin said...

Oh I love those photo!!! especially the many many you!!!!!! Cool and the flying pic too.