Monday, October 13, 2008

Pedigree Dogs Exposed

(6-parts videos containin distressin scenes)

A great insight to the conditions of Pedigree Dogs today. How we Man decided how each individual breed should look like. Thinkin of gettin a HEALTHY Top Showdog from the KC (kennel club)? Think again...

How a sturdy basset hound back in the 1940s should look like compared to a DROOPY-bellied basset hound dats almost rubbin against the floor when walkin NOW. How a STURDY & fit-lookin bulldog back in the 1850s look like NOW - a fat, problem lookin dog that can't even run properly. I need not go on about the MANY other Pedigree breeds which are so in demand these days, how they've changed from their original forms dated as back as the 1800s. How "Breeds' Standards in the showrings are achieved like the Rhodesian Ridgebacks & German Shepherds etc are affectin their general health GREATLY.

Altho I'm glad that some breeds which are not-in-demand by the market are not that affected compared to the more popular breeds.


Do watch this 6-parts videos (contain distressin scenes) if you'd like more insights as to how Pedigree dogs are bred by "Professional show breeders" these days. How they're bred more for BEAUTY rather than health. How a BIS (Best In Show) Cavalier King Charles Spaniel which's sufferin from Syringomyelia (SM) sired 24 litters (God noes how many in total)! Not to mention passin on its genetic disease to the many generations after that. How HEALTHY Rhodesian Ridgebacks puppies born without ridges are CULLED, while those born with ridges (which is a serious DEFORMITY) adhere to the "Breed's Standard" & become Top Showdogs & studs/bitches.

We're not able to embed the videos. Thus, please click on the links to view them. These videos only contain SOME of the MANY other Pedigree breeds that are affected by genetic diseases as well as how (most) "professional show breeders" are breedin & destroyin the breed, simply for Beauty.

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4:

Part 5:

Part 6:

(All parts):

& yes, if pedigree dogs from the KC are already sufferin like this, what more about Puppymills & backyard/home breeders.

Altho it's quite a bias video (in my opinion), there're still many responsible KC breeders out there whom provide Health Papers as well as relatively healthy puppies. Be patient, alert & knowledgeable about your preferred breeds, find a good & responsible breeder to import/purchase your pup from with health papers from the dam & sire.

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