Tuesday, October 14, 2008

SBG day

We had a 3 hours walk at the Singapore Botanic Gardens this mornin @ 0700hours. It's our 1st time there & Mommy said we'd most prolly be goin again next week!

We met MANY MANY dogs/pups there.

see who's this goon

see who's this beautiful bitch

its me, vbird!

we tried to play with the swans, but dey tried to snap us wit their beaks

i tink starr wanted to jump in to play

alas, cotton proved to be the bravest of the bravest

then we met this lovely MS bitch (Cody) who's a yr older than me, & a lil' smaller den me too

then this goon aka Mr. Poke decided to go round sniffin flowers. i hope he gets POKED by them juz like how he LOVES pokin ppl, & esp. Mommy & MEEEE!!

see how nice we're lookin here w/o that POKE fella

starr stackin. but the hind legs are wrong. Mom did not stretch it further back

& see how pissed i am when POKE decides to join in? he juz abt ruined a gd shot

then we became miniature-giants

so much so that i had to STRETCH my neck like mad becuz POKE is sooo looong like a long bean

it was rily gettin hot in this mini-desert

so obviously we had to find some nice coolin grounds

i was wishin i cld hav a drink over there

& lastly Mommy's fav bitch has the bestest pix of the day!

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