Wednesday, October 29, 2008


To The SBG again this mornin! It's our 4th time here for this entire month! No pix taken when the ground's wet durin the last 2 trips.

Again we had our 4 hrs walk over there. Luckily the weather was good for pix!

Here's a stupid face to start off this post of random pix taken over there

here's me! wit the S$5 tree!

i only wanted to greet Miss Swan...!

I tot she was tryin to tok to me

this' Mom stackin the dumb POKE again

the show side. juz look @ that miserable face!

im lucky that all i nid to do, is to juz SLAM my beautiful butt down

Me, luvs my HUGE fountain!

longest, short, shortest.

see his lousy stackin. he juz nv gets it......

& yet, still dare to smile

even the black beauties were disappointed in him

this' my mini-teletubby-land

since my land's so huge, i dun mind givin a portion to the white 1

does this make u go giddy? imagine that's dumb Starr chargin @ me like a mad dog

we had some foodies there @ this pet-friendly cafe

this' a glimpse for u, on how irritatin this 'dao-geh' is.

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