Tuesday, October 7, 2008

a laxin day out

We went to the beach again yesterday! Boy were we lucky, as we reached there at 0645 hours, the sky was horribly dark.... & it was coldddddd....

it shows how breezy it was.... juz look @ me

starr lurvs his tennis ball

when it finally started drizzling heavily, we headed for shelter

& dad decided to snap some pix. that was me shoutin to Starr to look up @ the camera!!!

& finally he got my msg, a lil'.

this was wat happened when the rain stopped. durn made a dash of her life outta the shelter

& starr dashin for some fun, for his ballie

this is an imitation Puma. She's KUMAR.

remember this pix of me long ago? THIS is the real stuff

as usual, i LURV bullyin starr when he's makin his way outta the waters

then u'll get an extremely pissed face later

sometimes he seeked his revenge by TRYIN to bully me back. but im only lettin him hav his way

then came 2 beautiful young black Labs. but only this lad loved our clique. the other boy was out wanderin on his own

as usual, all's gotta go thru ME 1st. & i found nothin wrong wit him

durn was a lil' afraid initially & tried to lay low like an 'island', hopin he doesn't spot her

starr tried to act like an 'island' too, but failed badly as u can c y

so its either FLIGHT or FIGHT!

of cuz silly Starr chose FLIGHT & had the run of his life from this cute & cheeky gentle lab. juz look @ his dumb & worried face! haahahaha

then this weird bird came long into the picture later. im a nicer lookin bird if u ask me!

Cotton had the time of her life chasin the 2 black biggies back & forth! It was a pity the cam was kept away @ that time.

I on the other hand, brought bac alota yum yums for Mom... like some left-over chic bones, corns, etc. She never failed to ask me to DROP IT, which I seriously dun understand y she doesn't appreciate my effort in goin round & round the island searchin for yummies for her.

There will always be another time for more diggings! =]

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