Wednesday, April 8, 2009

08 04 09

Today marks Starr's 1st Barkday, as well as Mom's 1st attempt @ her drivin test. Starr's no longer with us as some of you already know. He's havin a jolly good life in Phuket now with his wonderful new owners. Not to mention as well that he has a pretty "wife" (another beautiful whippet) there now too named Kirourou. From the same kennel as well...

He has so many playmates as well. 1 Labrador, 2 Salukis, 2 Dachshunds, 2 Chihuahuas, & 1 Whippet (Kirourou).

This is Kirourou aka Lulu. Now tell me that ain't pretty with those LARGE eyes

this is Starr there durin the 1st few days...

accordin to them, he dug into the sand like mad & loved the beach there too

Starr with Kirourou & another of his pack members - a Lab

this is Mom's fav. pix... Accordin to his new Mommy, he's tryin to stop Lulu from winnin him in the race!

(Mom: The above pix simply defines the power of a pack. Starr never really did love swimmin over here with us as both Velvet & Cotton didn't like it as well. With his new pack over there, he simply 'follows' their energy as well as the stuffs they do.

We know Starr is happy there with much love & fun (lotsa runs & swims) over there which we cannot provide him due to our space & time constraints. We hope to visit him 1 day too... & we know he'll remember all of us the moment he smells us..... =] )

Happy 1st Barkday Starr!

Now to Mom's 1st attempt @ her drivin test today on Starr's barkday coincidentally. Mom had a thought before, that if she passed on her 1st attempt (since she's sucha blur shit on the road most of the time), it'd prolly mean Starr is blessin her & sayin he's happy & well there. If she fails, it'd prolly mean he's sad that he's sent there...

But of cuz its juz a casual thought.... we can tell he's happy from the pix as well as from his kind new owners' updates.

Nonetheless, Mom passed with a Class 3 (manual / auto) licence!

Maybe its due to luck, maybe its thanks to our Lucky Starr's blessings all the way from Phuket to Mom... =]

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