Friday, April 3, 2009

KaiKai & Kiki

My Takashi Murakami's Designer Flower Cushion is here!!! It was fast!! Neways, its sooo precious so I'll try to not dirty it since its so expensive (approx. S$280 [17,500 Yen]).

A box arrived all the way from Japan

all neatly wrapped up in double layers!


the other side

I tried huggin it 1st

not bad... Durn tried to test on the petals...

very gd...........

Flower passed Durn's test too. So goooood that she fell asleep on it

It'd be sooooo much better if Mom had gotten the 1 metre (S$613 excludin shippin) Flower for us instead of the 60cm. Since my body's 36cm long, + durn's it'd be around 70cm. We'd need the 1 metre size to fit us BOTH in it comfortably!

The 2 metres size (largest) is S$2,748.20 excludin shippin.

But I dun really fancy sharing. So I guess this will do fine for me alone, for now.

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