Thursday, April 9, 2009

Tests - CLEAR!

We went for some tests today like we do every once a year. General Blood Test + Heartworm Test + Urine Analysis & Mircoscopy Tests. This is because we ain't on any Heartworm prevention, nor vaccinations, nor chemicalized tick prevention. The vet did ask if we want any vaccinations or heartworm/tick prevention though, but Mom declined nicely.

Maybe vets these days should find out more about other Natural/Organic ways (which we're using) to prevent all these instead of fillin' animals' bodies with loads of chemicals & medications... then that would be real great.

The vet also commented that she's impressed with Cotton's skin! That its so healthy & pink w/o any problems (no bumps, no nothin) despite the HOT weather here + her ultra-mega thick & long coat! All we can say is...... its due to a gd organic raw diet.

Waited 20 mins for the results, & Mom was happy with it!

All's clear for us! We had our weight taken @ the vet's @ I'm currently @ 4.26kg, Cotton @ 4.06kg. The vet was a newbie... Dr. Sim J. She asked if I was refusin food since I'm sooo skinny & light. I wanted to burst out barking (i meant... laughin) as I'm known to all as THE Greedy One whom can eat a whole cow alive & still demand for more food!

(I think lotsa ppl dun really like newbie vets, but we believe every1 deserves a chance, & every1 started from scratch isn't it? They're a very newly opened Vet Clinic called Animal Care Vet Centre [ACVC]. Good facilities like instant bloodtest results, X-ray facilities comin in soon etc. Nice environment too.)

Anyways, Mom thinks that as long as we're healthy, it doesn't matter the weight. The result shows all's well within range. Except for my ALP (somethin to do with the liver profile) which is 2 points below the lowest range of 20 @ 18. But its not biggy, the vet says I might be a lil' too hungry @ that point of time which is why its a lil' lower.


Our urine analysis + microscopy tests are also very very good this time round. Last year, we had a lil' crystals (struvites) in it. But ever since Mom changed almost 99% of all our Raw Meats to Organic ones (more ex, but worth it), we hav NO MORE crystals on the newspapers after our pee dries up! Now with the tests done, we're even more sure that we've no more crystals issue ever since we're on 99% all Raw Organic Meats, all-organic blended veg & organic tonic. As well as lots & lots of clean filtered water (up to 800ml each per day includin organic chamomile tea of 3/4 cup each daily, 3/4 bowl of filtered water acting as 'soup base' with our raw diet as well as drinks after our walks).

The Wonders of Organic foods for humans & animals! Not to mention clean filtered/distilled water as well.

Lastly, heartworm tests' clear too.



Urine results

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