Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Gio @ Rainbow Bridge

Aunty D's poor Giogio has migrated over to the Rainbow Bridge........... *Sobz*

Apparently, all his organs have already failed 100%. The vet was so surprised he's still alive even with only his heart workin. The test report stated that he had Cancer. Suspected Cancer of the Pancreas, which spreaded to his livers & other organs causin them all to fail. The vet also mentioned that this particular form of Cancer doesn't react to any medications @ all... & that he died a slow & painful death...

Giogio, the most obedient dog ever. The only dog I groomed so far that follows me to the bathroom on his own, & then back to the groomin room after his bath, during his groomin sessions. The only dog that listens to commands even though he hates his ear hair being pulled out, but with juz a simple "STAY" or "DOWN" command from anyone, he stays or lies down.

Goes anywhere off-leashed with Aunty D... always a quiet & calm dog... even @ 10yrs old, he still remembers all his commands well.

run free now... & be free of all pains... we'll always remember you... Bless your mommy Aunty D from above yah...

Giogio 09/02/99 - 28/04/09

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