Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Abandoned & Pregnant JRT Mom Picked Up



Mom picked up a PREGNANT Jack Russell Terrier (JRT) from the middle of the road on 080411. She was crossin' a busy X-junction amidst MANY cars, thankfully she got across safely when we U-turned to get her.

She's not microchipped & our guess is she's a stray (possibly abandoned long ago). & unfortunately, she's pregnant too. Highly possible that she mated with other strays (most likely Singapore Specials) out there.

This JRT will be up for adoption after she's done with her abortion & spay. She has Patellar luxation (loose kneecap) on her right hind & the excess pregnancy weight will increase the pain there. Morever, the pups MAY most likely be X with Singapore Specials (since she was a stray herself) & would be hard to rehome. We've no experience in the delivery of puppies nor do we have the time to wean them (note that should the bitch not know how to care for her pups, we'd have to syringe-feed the pups every 2 hours for a couple of months). As cruel as abortion may sound, it is for the best in her current health situation & the pups' future as there's no guarantees they'll have a good forever home IF they're X with Singapore Specials.

We need either fosterers or adopters. Can't house her for long due to family issues (parents are not happy abt it) & the fact that we've 4 animals of our own. She's about 4-5yo (estimated age), doesn't need much exericse (just normal walks will do) due to her loose kneecap, good with dogs & humans.

Please email to: if you're able to help foster or adopt her. Strict screenin' of adopters will be conducted to ensure history doesn't repeat itself. Adopter to bear the cost of her spay & microchip, & register her with AVA. Thank you.


UPDATE (140411) : We've sent her for an abortion + spay + dental scalin' + heartworm test + microchippin' on 140411. As we already have 3 bitches & a cat, it's quite difficult for her to remain with us. She will be temporarily housed with Esther Leong & her family after her surgery, till we find her a suitable home. However, all expenses will be beared by us solely. It's quite a huge amt to date, but we hope to just do our best for this poor girl.

Please help spread the word to help find Gigi a good home. Email to us at with details of yourself if you're interested in her. Adopter to bear at least half of her total surgery bills. Thank you for your understandin'.


Update (190411) : Bills to date for ''Gigi'' is S$542.45 (spay, abortion, dental scalin & removin of 8 loose teeth, microchippin & heartworm test) + S$32.10 (1st consultation) + S$95.20 = S$669.75. She had 2 pups accordin' to the vet, most likely crossed with smaller Singapore Specials. She is doing fine now, currently fostered by Esther Leong & family. Very thankful for that as it's impossible for me to care for her with my 3 bitches & a cat. This is abt the best I can do for her right now... till I find her a forever home. Please help spread the word on her adoption. She's a wonderful girl & a keeper. Thank you.


Mom & Dad calls her ''Gigi''

preggers (accordin to the 1st vet, she was in EARLY pregnancy)

eatin' kunning fish treats

anyways the 2nd vet that aborted her 2 pups said she's due NEXT WEEK

her bad teeth resultin in her HORRIB breath

on the way for her surgeries

her sparklin teeth after dental scalin + removal of 8 loose teeth

Spay + Abortion + Dental Scalin + 8 Teeth Removal
+ Heartworm Test + Microchippin' = S$542.45
Initial 1st consultation ofS$31.20)

her Dr. B's RAW food (easier raw-feedin' for Esther Leong's family)

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