Monday, April 18, 2011

Organic Oxtail & My Poor Beard

Mom bought some Organic Oxtail for us to chew on Sat (160411) night. We chewed for a good 2hrs+ while Chewy did a 1hr. Lauryn didn't want to chew hers tho'. She would rather have her meal instead of a whole RMB. We then had a bath right after we were done with them as we're extremely messy chewers!

All these in a pack for just S$28.40 (S$26.99 after disc)

chew chew chew with chewy right behind me

I was super engrossed as u can see

lauryn's here in the room with us still

 I not only chewed my RMB, I also chewed OFF my beard!! Take a look at the followin pix below, take note of the SIDES of my beard. Mom was utterly shocked when she bathed me & realized how short they're now!

see the sides

my original beard =[

This is how my beard's suppose to look like as in the last pix here. Now it's all choppy-lookin'. =[ Mom hopes my beard will grow back fast! Oh no... I'm ugly now cuz of my oxtail bone.

Here's a vid of us chewin'!


Anonymous said...

Cotton looks so comical lying there, while the rest of the gang is sitting upright waiting for the feast to begin! I can see how much they're all enjoying their oxtail bones.

I recently purchased raw beef marrow bones (sliced crosswise with no meat attached, just the marrow). I'm eager to surprise Maple, as it will be her first time trying a raw bone. Just wondering if you might have any advice for a novice like myself? Thanks!

*birdee* said...

Hi Maple Ma!

You might wanna try some Raw Meaty Bones (RMBs) the next time? I think what you're referrin to is called ''tulang''? Personally I haven't fed that to them. Just oxtails & lamb shanks basically for them for their recreational chewing.

meanwhile, enjoy watchin her enjoy her bone hehe! would love to see some pix of her chewin! =]