Friday, April 22, 2011

Organic Pork & Some Clarification

Mom bought some Organic Pork for us. But before we go into that........ there's been some comments in our local forums recently by people regardin' Organic (Raw) Food for dogs. Mommy would like to clarify the points one by one here in her blog (not that there's alot to begin with). Why here? Because people LOVE fightin' wit Mommy in forums about her opinions... opinions that the average people KNOW its true, & yet refuse to admit it.

Point 1) ''Feed whatever you can afford. No need to 'sell your house, your car, your kids' to feed your dog lah. The word 'organic's is overly-used, once a produce is labelled Organic, the price will go sky-high. Even expat on expat pay is unable to put their cats, dogs on organic let alone the average working people here who just want to have a pet to love and care for.''

Mommy's view: Organic foods prices are ''sky-high'' here in Singapore because most aren't locally produced! Only certain veg are, but definitely NOT meats. Organic farmers also require higher cost & effort to rear their animals organically w/o any use of antibiotics, vaccines, GMO feeds etc. Meats were NEVER meant to be dirt-cheap, it is only through the demand for cheaper meats that unhealthy & unethical farming of livestock came into the scene & thus, your CHEAP meats, not to mention unhealthy because of their high amts of vaccines, antiobiotics etc. A farm worker got scratched lightly on his finger by a chicken while slaughtering it... what was supposed to be a simple wound on a finger which's to be healed within a week, ended up being AMPUTATED because it swelled up so much & got so infected by the high levels of antibiotics, vaccines etc in the chicken. That IS a true story, I leave it to you to decide.

My partner and I are both vegans & DO NOT eat any meats nor their by-products (dairy pdts, honey etc)... so that's why we only insist on feedin' our animals with organic foods for their health sake. & we'd rather support the organic farmers than the unethical ones. And lastly, NO, I DO NOT EARN AN EXPAT'S PAY. I simply PRIORITIZE my life & DO AWAY with unnecessary shoppings, eating out in expensive places like cafes, movies, etc. Or is this person implyin' that I'm LYING that I'm feedin' my animals Organic-grade meats/eggs/veg/herbs/supp etc? Read the above Point carefully, this member wrote that ''even expats on expat's pay are UNABLE to put their animals on organic foods, let alone the average working people...'' (oh btw, if you're interested to know more about the fugly meat-industry & the lies they've been tellin' you since you were born, please feel free to grab the following books: THE FOOD REVOLUTION by John Robbins, EATING ANIMALS by Jonathan Safran Foer)

Point 2) ''An owner of an organic shop here has lost confidence in organic produce as over the years he has been selling and delivering his organic produce to cancer patients looking for a miracle cure only to find that organic does not guarantee a healthy body and at the end of the day, the cancer patient still has to die. He got fed-up and sold his business.''

Mommy's view: Organic food are NEVER a sure-cure for cancer patients. In fact, if they continue to consume factory-farmed meats, how can they expect to be cured via organic veg?? It's akin to sayin' you've lung cancer, & you switch to organic cigarettes (made of organic nicotine??) Does that even make any sense to you? People ought to know WHAT'S the cause of cancer in the first place before assuming organic veg/supps are the CURE to cancer. -___________-

Point 3) If your dog is of poor genes, even if you put your dog on super-organic food, he will still have problems with his health brought on by his poor genes. An aunty of mine, fed her chihuahuas with only cooked chicken and rice for 14 years and yet her dogs are still living today because the dogs are home-bred and have good genes. My retiree friend who has an 8 yrs old pomeranian bought from a farm in Australia, fed her dog with kibbles, table scraps, durians and yet her dog is in the pink of health, never seen a vet, no skin issues or digestive problems, this really puzzles me and it led me to believe it is because the dog has good genes.

Mommy's view: Let's just say that some people whom smoked ALL their life for over 60 years hadn't contracting lung cancer or any diseases resultin' from smokin'. Does that make it RIGHT & OK to smoke?? I've known of some superb show dogs havin' died at VERY young ages of below 5. Their genes are supposedly good?? But yet they die at such young ages? I shall not go into the showing scene here, but you get the idea. Why succumb the dogs to issues when you can try prevent it through the best way?  If I told you that you could allow your animal to join either Group A, in which one out of every two dogs would die of cancer or organ failure, or Group B, in which cancers & organ failures would be practically unknown & the animals would be healthier in every other way as well, which group would you place your animal in? Group B, of course. You'd be nuts to choose otherwise. And yet, tragically, the vast majority of domestic animals in our society are in fact members in good standing of Group A.

That's about it for Mommy's view regardin' this member's post. Agree or not... Mommy doesn't really care... because she's read & seen ENOUGH of how your meats are produced at factory-farms to realize that its wrong for any living beings to consume them. That's why she & dad turned vegans both for the factory-farms animals' sake (where there's no demand, there's no supply AND ABUSE) & their health. And that is also why they put us ONLY on Organic meats, veg, herbs, supps etc.

Finally, below's the pix of our Organic Pork (which we consume all RAW), & again, NO NEED EXPAT'S PAY for all our ORGANIC RAW FOODS! Mom simply sets aside S$400 - S$500 for us four's organic raw foods monthly. Just prioritize!

Organic Tenderloin Pork

approx. 340g S$45.75 (before disc)
Organic Diced Pork

500g S$25 (before disc)

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