Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Kristen's RAW Vegan E-Books Give-away!

There's currently a give-away in Kristen's Raw Food's blog! Mom's hopin' to win the vegan e-books as she's a vegan herself. & even tho' she feeds us organic RAW foods like meats/bones/eggs (as she believes this is a real Carnivore's natural diet), she also never forgets abt the importance of organic RAW veg, herbs, superfoods & fruits for us too. She blends our organic veg together (15+ different organic vegs each time) as dogs cannot digest unblended veg due to the cellulose walls in them. We also get superfoods & supps as well like our ''healthy powder''.

Well, let's hope Mom wins! Here's the link to the give-away:

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