Monday, July 4, 2011

10km jog/walk today

Dad had his usual training session (21km) with his buddy today. So Mom decided to walk & jog us 10km today (instead of our usual 5km) since we've to wait for them anyways. Chewy kitty didn't tag along as she can only take 5km, after which she'd practically just be part of the ground... literally... if you know what I mean.

Boy was I tired... Lauryn too! We're so proud of her as she'll be turnin' 10 this Oct & she's still goin' strong! Cotton on the other hand............. well......... let's just label her as an energizer bunny. I overheard Mom sayin' to her friend that Cotton should be able to make it as an ultra-marathoner (100km) without any probs... and her friend actually AGREED! -___-

After we were done, we waited in the car for Dad & his buddy for abt nearly an hour. No worries, Mom was in the car with us with the doors opened wide.

Some dogs that Mom know of don't even get to step outta their homes... most don't even cover 1km of walks in a week... that is just sad. People should understand and see us as dogs - social creatures with the desire to be active and free... and not some commodity to be put at home. It's not only bad for us physically, but mentally too. So if you're readin' this and you haven't brought your dog out for a walk/run/swim, please consider doing it right now... you'll be killin 2 birds with 1 stone by keepin both you & your dog fit and healthy =]

Some pix that Mom took of us in the car while waitin for Dad and his buddy... and you will see how energetic Cotton still was after her 10km walk/jog with the way she ''attacked'' Dad's buddy.

Mom's oldest & smallest baby

a few seconds of shut-eye was all dat I needed, really!

''no-no shut-eye needed for me at all''

His name is Anwar (supposedly after Mom talked to him)

Mom asked him to come out again for a better pix & he did!

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