Wednesday, July 13, 2011

How Our Organic Raw Meats Are Packed

We'll share how our organic raw meats/bones are packed in this post. Mom first debones our organic whole chicken while watching TV... cuz it takes about an hour to debone + weigh the meats + cut up the bones & pack them into individual packets. The bones will be divided as equally as possible into each packet. As much as Mom hates using plastic bags... but there's really not much of a choice in this case. Hence, Mom purchases the smallest & thinnest bags... since they're gonna be a one-time use anyways.

Organic whole chicken is present in our everyday diet alongside with another organic meat, which would be rotated amongst (various parts of) organic beef, organic lamb, & organic pork. Once every few months, Mom will replace organic whole chicken with a natural whole rabbit.

Of course, these meats will be packed on other days into the organic chicken packs. So all in all, it's alota work... not to mention extremely tiring for Mom's hands & back as she sits on the floor & pack them... but Mom thinks that it's all worth it for our health in the long run.

We slack while Mom does our foods

all deboned & rdy to weigh & pack

Meats & Bones all packed! (btw, this batch is mine)

we need a total of 4 organic whole chickens per month for all 4 of us

a peek at how all our foods are packed & how Mom ''labels'' them

the pack on top labelled ''beef dogs'' are w/o organic whole chicken in them

our faithful 100L freezer bought in 2008
Mom stocks up alot of our foods underneath. that's why its so full

four packs will be taken out the day b4 into the refrigerator to be defrosted

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