Thursday, July 7, 2011

The Difference Between a FAST & STARVATION

Many people have misconceptions about the word ''fast'' or ''fasting''. Some have even gone to the extent of abusing these two words by havin' them confused with the word ''starvation''.
Fasting for both humans and animals have been around since, well... the world began. Animals fast for health reasons (eg detox). Animals have the knowledge to do it when it comes to their health. Great people have fasted... like Jesus Christ, Mohandas Ghandi, and in almost EVERY religion will you encounter the act of fasting. Whether it's a water-fast or a juice-fast, it is for different reasons.

Fasting is NOT suppose to cause any distress to both humans or animals. Fasting is instead, a very calm & cleansing process... a process where the body will begin to detox. Some ppl may think that since their animals are already on a raw-diet, there's no need to fast since there's no ''chemicals'' in their foods. Chemicals ARE in the foods IF they're not organic. The air we breathe everyday is polluted. These two simple reasons are reason enough for everyone to fast either once a week or to every individual's preference.

Even raw-foodists (humans eatin' ONLY Raw foods... we're raw vegans [on a plant & fruits based] diet) should go on a fast to detox our tissues & basically, our entire body as a whole.

These days, humans have been abusing the word ''fast''. Why? Because they STARVE their dogs in order for them to eat whatever that the humans want them to eat (eg the transition from a kibble brand to another kibble brand). The intention has to be correct first. If the dog/cat choose not to eat their foods (note that the animals DO NOT give two hoots about the brand. all they want and need to know is the NATURE of their foods), it's inevident that they KNOW that that food's not right for them. Dogs & cats on quality (organic) RAW foods will NEVER reject their foods (unless somethin' is wrong with their health).

So, understand the difference between a calming & beneficial fast and starvation before more harm/stress is induced unto the animals. It is good for our animals to go on a 24 hours fast probably once every week or fortnight to cleanse their bodies of any unwanted toxins from both their foods & environment. Always ensure clean water is accessible to them at all times.

Another reason to fast our animals would be when they're under the weather. Would you eat a heavy meal if you're not well? No, likewise for our animals. Not even porridge (which many vets would suggest) or broth. Porridge & broths are not even natural foods for them in the wild! Carbo is extremely difficult for carnivores to digest, much less consume them when they're sick. As for broth, well, let's just go back to nature & realize that God didn't create animals with the ability to cook their foods. They don't hunt their prey, skin them, cut them into parts, remove ''unedible'' parts, flavor them with seasonings & herbs, and boil/steam/fry/broil them.

When animals fast in the wild, all they get is water! Or maybe some simple grazing for wild cats. Porridge is only applicable in the human (cooked food) world.

So yea, I just want to help clear the air for those whom are confused with the words ''fasting'' and ''starvation''. And as well as those whom think that fasting our animals is cruel. If you do wish to fast your animals once per week or fortnight, what I'd recommend is to feed them 7 days worth of food within 6 days (if you wish to fast them once a week).

''Will you fast me for my health, or will you starve me for your convenience.''

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