Wednesday, January 25, 2012

2012's CNY

Happy Dragon Year to everyone and may the new year bring health & happiness to all. All was well and Mom bathed Lauryn early in the morning too before Mom's bro's family came over. Lauryn was happily barking at everyone including the lil' niece. Unfortunately, Lauryn had a fit occurance on 24012012 at 0020 hours. She had never had fits before in the past 10 years. It was a really traumatic experience for Mom & Dad... the fit lasted about a lil' more than 5 minutes and she took about 10 minutes to recover from it. She couldn't stand initially, head was also falling backwards. Although she was already up and running normally as though nothing happened (dogs actually don't know that they're going through a fit), Mom thought it'd be good to still go to a vet.

When they reached the vet, Lauryn was already very alert & active. Mom googled and thought it could be a neurological problem and asked the vet about it. The vet checked her ears, eyes, coordination movements etc and mentioned that it could be possible as sometimes with age, blood flow to the brain would not be as smooth. He looked at her bloodwork results from Oct 2011 & thought all was well so Mom & Dad were told to monitor her. If it happens again within 2 weeks then some other tests would be needed (ie a brain scan). Otherwise if it happens in like once a month or a year... just calmly let her go through the fit. No meds were given since it's the first time. He did insist that she's already very old and things like that are bound to happen. But we really don't think she's old at all seeing how she behaves everyday and ppl guessin' her being only half her age.

Lauryn's all well now and we pray it'll never happen again... or even if it does... that it's nothing major. One of Mom's friends in Facebook mentioned whether it could be vestibular syndrome.

On a happier note, on 25012012, a day after Lauryn's incident, Mom brought us out at midnight for some chilling out! We hope all of you had a great CNY! Gong Hei Fat Choy!

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