Sunday, January 1, 2012

Ginger Cat's Abortion And Spay

Happy New Year to all our readers! We hope 2012 will be a kinder year for all animals & may you fulfill all your new year resolutions as well.

This will also be our 301th post on the first day of 2012 since our 1st post in March 2007!

On New Year's Day this mornin', our humans released a ginger cat after her abortion and spay. They had booked a stray sterilization slot (on 30122011) with the vet's some time ago and the night before, they found her with a bulgin' stomach. So they chose her for this session and brought her home.

Sterilization cost for a female stray cat is S$30 and the abortion cost was an extra S$10 (booked under CWS). Coincidentally the lady after Mom at the vet's had a pregnant stray cat with her too! She opted for an abortion + sterilization as well. It's sad, but it's for the better as we can't keep track on all the kittens & get them all sterilized when they're older as some of them may move on to other territories of their own or end up being too elusive for us. This is the 2nd time Mom's aborted & spayed a stray animal... the 1st one was Gigi the Jack Russell Terrier and luckily for her, she's found a good forever home.

Mom kept ginger kitty for a couple of days before releasin' her. She's ok & recovered pretty fast overall but they suspect that she may be havin' some underlyin' health issues because of her excessive drinkin' of water.

Anyways here's the set of pictures of the beautiful her. She has a somewhat flatter face compared to the typical Domestic Short Hair (DSH) cats... very tame & affectionate as well. Before bringin' her back, Mom sat down to play with her a lil' & guess what! She walked right in front of the crate & nudged at the door. Mom opened it & she walked right into it settlin' down comfortably. After her surgeries, she ate & again, went back right into the crate on her own to rest.


her super bulgin' tummy which was flat just 1 week ago when last seen

night of 30122011. back from her surgery with her tipped ear

fed her canned food as she's super skinny

headed right back into the crate to rest

released on mornin' of 01012012

got ''molested'' immediately by an intact male that's up in line for sterilization


Nat said...

I want to get my cat an abortion and sterilize her but I really don't know where to go to do this. I live in Southern California. I would appreciate any help!!

*birdee* the alpha miniature schnauzer bitch said...

Hi Nat,

Just get an appointment with a vet asap and tell them you'd like to abort your cat's kittens and as well as do a spay together. =]