Thursday, January 19, 2012

Sister Cat's Spay (and her 3 stillborns)

Sister cat was scheduled to have her abortion + spay on 18012012 and Mom brought her back on 08012012 since she was afraid that she can't find her before the appointment date.

Sadly... Mom and Dad came home to a VERY bloody sight on the night of 13012011 (it was also Friday the 13th!). Dried blood was all over the floor and they found a stillborn with sister Cat layin' near it. She's always very gd natured but turned aggressive when her stillborn was cleared away.

The next night, they found two more stillborns hidden away from sight behind some cupboards which were missed the night before. Sister Cat's temperament had already went back to normal by then.

Sigh... what a traumatized incident it was for both Sister Cat and Mom & Dad... Sister Cat must have felt so confused and sad at the same time. Mom said she almost fainted from the sight of all the blood and the stillborns that Dad had to do all the cleaning up. Then Mom also lost her appetite for awhile because she can't get the bloody raw image off her mind... and it also took her alota courage to snap a pix of it... but for what...? I dunno... I think Mom just likes to take pix of both good and bad stuff so that one day she'll be able to look through them all...

Mom googled & read that cats can have several mates. Sometimes, after they give birth to stillborns, they can still give birth to a bunch of healthy kittens a couple of days or so later. But that didn't happen to Sister Cat... 3 stillborns and that was it. She also had a swollen uterus during her spay due to her miscarriage... so she was released a day later.

this was her in the bloody room after givin' birth

poor thing and very confused...

one of the three stillborns =[

on the day of her spay

home and in pain

and extremely thirsty

rdy to go back to her siblings and friends!

all there to welcome her home lol

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