Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Dogs and Cat Walking

This is Chewy's 3rd session of learnin' to walkie with us. She's improved loads accordin' to Mom. Only thing is......... we had to slow down alot for her. But it's okie... anythin' to help kitty...

Local people whom see us never fail to ask us, ''won't fight?!'' ''cat and dogs won't fight?! sure or not?!'' etc. Mom would usually answer their question with another question, ''do you see them fightin'?'' They'll then have a reply to their own question when they reply, ''er.... no.''

I really wonder... do they really wanna see us fight?? Why must they see us cats & dogs in such a negative light when it comes to living together? We've lived with guinea pigs, chinchillas & even a lovebird before (all in Mom's room together with us)... so seriously... why do people always expect us to FIGHT?! And living in harmony is such a shocking thing to them. Hmm...... now you know why other dogs ''fight'' with other animals... because its their humans sendin' negative projections & energy to the dog & ''believing'' that the right thing for them to do, is to fight. We never fight amongst ourselves - all different species because Mom trusts us to live in harmony together, yea, even being left together home-alone.

So the next time... please don't be too surprised to see any animals livin' in harmony together with other species k...... because its absolutely possible given the right mentality & energy in the household. =]

Okay... be prepared for some vids Mom took below! =D

We started off our daily (weekdays) 5km walk/jog at 0630 as usual when it was still a lil' dark... and ended at about 0745. We'd usually end earlier at 0715... but because Chewy's with us & Mom & Dad wanna spend some time teachin' her to walk, we ended later... which is GOOD too hehe!

started at 0630


Anonymous said...

Mummy say she very jealous chewy can walk on leash...she couldn't get me used to it..

Chewy is so brave! I am so scared to go out!

*birdee* the alpha miniature schnauzer bitch said...

hehe tell your mommy not to be! cuz chewy only walks at this particular place with us.. anywhere else and she's a scaredy cat...

when shes walkin wit us... she's scared of ppl walkin/talkin too loudly or vehicles passin by & will stop & cower thus slowin' us down lol!

now i know where the term scaredy cat comes from! wahaha

~ Velvet