Thursday, June 2, 2011

Our Organic Fruits

These are some of the other organic fruits we consume besides organic apples. Organic apples are the cheapest of all our organic fruits. The (half) 3.6kg organic yellow watermelon from Taiwan costs S$57.20 (before disc), three organic papayas S$31.60 (before disc) and one tiny organic mango S$6.55 (before disc). Total of S$90.65 for these five items. Extremely costly, but also extremely beneficial to our health in the long term.

We do have the non-organic fruits occasionally as well, but it's a MUST for our veg or meats to be of organic-grade.

We're not the only ones eatin' all these in the pix actually... we share 'em with Mom & Dad too, cuz afterall, they paid for it!

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