Sunday, June 19, 2011

My Groom

We've not had our full-groom for 3 months, & our baths in 2 months. And so Mom groomed us today. Cotton was given a basic-groom yesterday & I was partially groomed last night too (removal of my undercoat). Lauryn will just be bathed + trimmin of nails.

Here's some pix of me! Since Mom always posts pix of Cotton's before & after look... she has decided to do up mine this time cuz I've never looked this messy before.

yea that's my undercoat!

my look after my last groom 3 months ago

190611 after my bath & dry


talk abt 2-face?

my beard has grown (i chewed them off 2 months ago)

it was like that in April. see the difference

im all done!

chewy wasn't groomed at all haha!

Some vids on Mom removin my thick, dull-colored & soft undercoat.


BETTYna said...

Hi! I have just got a puppy and am extremely worried about heartworm/flea/tick/worm prevention.

we were recommended to apply frontline on our puppy and we have, however, upon reading up more about the dangerous chemicals in the medication, i do not want to do this anymore!

i stumbled on your blog and realised that you have not been using these medications for the last 3 years. have your furbabies been under attack from any of these parasites since you stopped the medication? do you think that homeopathic remedies will work? i really don't want to apply frontline on my dog.

hope you can help... thanks!

*birdee* said...

Hi Betty,

Basically we've to understand & look at the overall health of the dog. Ticks are only attracted to ''weak'' animals. animals with weak immunity & blood. & this is via the foods they eat. In my years of experience wit dogs (grooming them), its always the ones on kibbles or processed foods (like HCF) that attract the most ticks.

personally, im not even using anymore organic tick prevention for them like eg organic diatomaceous earth or even natural ones like neem oil. sometimes, when ticks bite healthy dogs & cling unto them for awhile, they (the ticks) might die too. so if you're really worried, applyin organic & safe substances on them would be enough.

we don't apply any poisonous chemicals on ourselves to poison our blood to ward off mozzies, so why do that to our animals.

actually... homeo doesn't really have to do with preventions. you can read up on what homeo actually is.

so what people shld be doing is to actually focus the most impt & fundamental issue for their dog - their diet. afterall, ''you are what you eat''. feed crap and dun expect them to be healthy & strong enough to ward off ticks or degenerative diseases.

hope it helps.

BETTYna said...
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BETTYna said...

Hi Birdee,

thank you for your insightful comments. I would like to feed her raw, however my husband is difficult to convince on the subject of raw feeding.

i am currently feeding her on HCF, with additional supplements recommended by Dr Pitcairn. I will try and see if this is enough for her.

so your experience has been that even without chemical flea/tick/heartworm products, your dogs do not get sick?


*birdee* said...

Sadly, HCF is still processed foods. anythin that has been under fire/heat is processed food. Even we (my bf and I) have stopped eatin cooked foods. We're on a raw plant-based diet, hence, what more about dogs that are animals & ultimately, carnivores.

thru all my years groomin dogs since 2005, i've seen how dogs on HCF degenerate over the years. it doesn't matter how old the dog is, they can be 16 or 20, but whats the point of livin that long when they're blind, deaf, with bladder, skin, organ problems etc. Only thing left of them is a beatin' heart. many dogs are like that on processed (kibbles or HCF) food.

heat alters the chemical structure of the foods & make them carcinogenic. a simple broiled potato (with NO seasonings/herbs/spices) already has 450 toxic chemicals in them after going thru heat. of which the first 50 have been tested & ALL of them proven to be carcinogenic. what more abt cookin meats, rice, a whole meal for a human? What more abt feedin them to carnivores whom were NEVER meant to cook their foods?

my animals would be sick if they were on any chemical prevention. dogs on raw will not suffer from degenerative diseases juz like humans on cooked foods do. however, the best would be to be on organic-grade foods.

*birdee* said...

you may look at this link below - one off the MANY issues dogs on processed foods (includin HCF) suffer from due to the lack of natural act of chewin' & gnawin' of RAW meats/bones.

*birdee* said...

if you were to research more into raw-foodism, you'd understand that even humans were never meant to eat cooked foods.

Raw-Foodists eat raw meats/bones from organic & healthy animals. Prior to that, they'd have to go thru a detox & cleansing process of their bodies thanks to years n years of eating cooked foods.

salmonella & e.coli only thrive in unhealthy toxic bodies. Which is why its impt for raw foodists to start off wit organic grade foods. only when they're very seasoned raw foodists do they proceed on to eatin wild animals.

so even humans thrive on RAW meats/bones, seriously, what more about dogs - TRUE carnivores. this is one of the reason & thanks to my animals that we've decided to become raw (vegan) foodists ourselves.

research more about food & understand the cruel industry as well as the medical side as to why raw (preferably organic) foods is the only way to health & longevity for both humans and animals.