Monday, June 20, 2011

MacRitchie After Our Usual 5km Walk/Jog

Mom brought us to MacRitchie Reservoir after our usual 5km jog/run session because Daddy had a runnin' session there with a friend. This is Chewy's 2nd day of walkin' with us on leash.
Since Gigi found a found on 170611, Mom has more time to teach Chewy to walk on leash with us!
She's a pretty fast learner, just extremely wary of strangers walkin' past her & vehicles especially. She'll stop & lay low on the ground or even panic & try to run for shelter when vehicles drive past her.

Hopefully our lil' Chewy will improve in these two aspects soon =D

Here're some pix of us at MacRitchie. Chewy obviously wasn't too happy haha!

That's it! Ahhh... we were aimin' a cat down below the hill. Which always makes Mom wonder why we're always aimin' other cats when we've a cat of our own already.

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