Monday, June 27, 2011

Walkin' All Four Made Easy With Our Hands-Free Multi-Purpose Leash

Mom walked all four of us all by herself today again as Dad went for his marathon training with his friend at MacRitchie. And you must be wonderin' how Mom managed it! Mom used a multi-purpose leash for Cotton & me, leavin' one of her hands FREE as the leash is slinged across her shoulder just like a typical sling bag! Best part of all, it doesn't entangle if we decide to ''switch positions'' with one another while walkin because the hook is 360 degrees rotatable!

We'll upload that pix in here tomorrow when she asks Dad to take a pix =p So that leaves her both hands to hold Chewy & Lauryn. Simple as 1 2 3! Mom can even hold a DSLR (in the 2nd vid below) to film us while walkin' all four of us lol.

this pix was specially taken the next day on 280611

Cotton loves to smile for the camera

at MacRitchie's carpark waitin' for Dad as it was rainin'

Dad's & Mom's friend

he calls her ''granny''

look at her relieved face when it's time to head home

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