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Our Organic Raw Greens, Mom & Dad turn Raw-Vegans and More about RAW-Foodism

We're gonna blog abt our organic greens today cuz Mom & Dad had decided to become Raw (Vegan) Foodists themselves. Yes... they'll no longer be eatin' any cooked foods just like us! Just that they're omitin' the organic Raw meats/bones/eggs part (so that makes Mom & Dad Raw-Vegan Foodists while we're Organic-Raw Foodists. But our humans do try to consume as much organic stuff as possible too).

Mind you that Raw Foodists eat RAW meats (& grind the bones) from organic & healthy animals. Research a lil' about Raw Foodists & you'll know more... stuff like salmonella & E.coli etc will NOT affect Raw Foodists as long as their bodies are cleansed & detoxed before embarkin' on a Raw Diet (just like us dogs & cats!). Healthy immunity & body doesn't allow any bacteria to thrive at all. Salmonella & E.coli viruses will thrive in only unhealthy bodies with weak immunity. That is why it's so rare for raw-fed dogs to die from salmonella etc.

Yups... so since Mom & Dad have decided to only eat raw vegan foods, they've decided to invest in a good blender... They decided on the Vitamix Prep 3 which they bought at a spree price of S$1016.50 (includin' GST). And of cuz...... our organic veg will be blended with this new blender from now on too! ^^

Side-track a lil' before we share more abt our (locally grown) organic greens... local forums never fail to anger Mom regardin' raw diets for dogs.

Mom: There's this commercial ''raw'' diet which is freeze-dried (note that ANY kind of process done to raw foods = PROCESSED FOOD)  that's been promotin' themselves alot here in SG. The person whom I highly suspect IS the distributor in SG has always been promotin' this pdt in a particular forum... boastin' abt the ''quality'' of their meats even when they're not organic at all. Just because they're from NZ doesn't = ''as good as organic'' like he always claims them to be in that forum. That is VERY misleadin' to others, esp more so if they wish to learn more abt raw-feedin'. You see, I read A LOT of books regardin' factory-farms (aka battery-farms) etc & that is also how thru' my animals, I learnt abt Raw-Foodism as well.

Anyways, NZ also has lotsa battery-farms if you'd like to know... just google & you'll get all your answers if you're lazy to grab any books to read. Hence, this particular freeze-dried ''raw'' food company can jolly-well get their meat supplies from any of these battery-farms (which is definitely FARRR from being anywhere near organic)! Do these people even know what organic means? It means the land & soil must be organic, the animals' feeds must be organic & free of any GMO-feeds, animals allowed to grow at a natural rate w/o any antibiotics, vaccines, growth hormones etc which therefore means consumers have to pay a MUCH higher price for them because they can't produce as many animals as quickly as factory-farms do! Hence, if a farm (no matter in NZ or anywhere else) isn't certified organic, there is NO WAY they'll put in so much effort, time & money into their livestock!

This particular fella also loves puttin' down any other raw meats other than his own freeze-dried pdt. Sayin stuff like ''raw meats sold outside are meant to be cooked''. (oh in case you didn't know, all cooked foods are carcinogenic, yes even a plain broiled potato has 450 toxic chemicals in them thanks to COOKIN'. that is why one shld NEVER EVER cook foods for dogs & cats at all) In the first place, the joke here is that the meats that this pdt uses are from slaughterhouses that slaughter & process meats that are ''human-grade'' (if you still don't geddit, it means the meats that this pdt uses = the meats sold in supermarkets).

This fella then goes on sayin' his dogs had loose stools when they were on raw meats from supermarkets & he URGES us to research on how the raw meats we bought for our animals are slaughtered, processed, handled etc. HELLO........ we only get organic-grade meats & their level of handlin & processin' are wayyy higher than factory-farms. Morever, even Raw-Foodists on organic raw meats thrive on them, what more about TRUE carnivores like dogs & cats?! He is SO BENT on promotin' his pdt & thinks he's a know-it-all & even calls himself a ''naturopath''. Oh please... if anyone is more deservin' of this title, it should be me. But even I daren't classify myself as a naturopath even tho' I'm a Raw (Vegan) Foodist myself. See... that is why local forums ARE A JOKE & ends up as the jokers leadin' the blind when they try to ''teach'' others abt raw-feedin'. These ppl aren't even feedin' a TRUE RAW DIET! They're either feedin' kibbles or commercial raw-diets & they DARE to ''teach'' others. Sigh.

A Raw-Diet for dogs & cats is never meant to be cheap & easy. We spend S$500+ on our dogs & cat organic Raw diet per month, not to mention the effort involved such as purchasin' them & packin' them. We've also heard of MANY dogs on this freeze-dried commercial raw diet refusin' to eat them after awhile. Our dogs & cat have been on an organic RAW diet for four years & NOT ONE DAY have they ever rejected their foods. Why? Because they KNOW it is pure goodness packed with nutrients for them. How your animals react to their food = the quality of the foods. Not to mention they've perfect skin (the skin is the largest organ in the body & much can be told abt humans/animals' health just from the skin alone) from the day they were born til now. You may think I'm lyin'... but the truth is they've NEVER had a single ''bump'' or ''rash'' on them at all... symptoms that are so common amongst so many dogs fed on kibbles/commercial raw diets. And I believe that proves for somethin' abt the diet I'm puttin' so much effort in providin' for them.

Ok enuf of my rants... am so sick of these forums shootin' me when I start to post the correct stuff in there. You see, these ppl are so full of pride & shit that they think they know so much when what they know are really juz the tip of an iceberg. Hence, I've decided to stop postin' anythin in forums... if ppl wish to learn, they'd know better & email me rather than ask these bunch of fools.

These are some sites to view if you're one whom believes this fella's crap that meats from NZ = ''as good as organic'':

Alright back to our greens... Mom prefers to purchase Locally Grown Organic veg to reduce their carbon footprint & most importantly, the freshness & nutrients of the veg are higher than those imported ones due to freight time etc.

Precious nutrients are lost thru' (overseas) packin', freight time, displayed at shops, to our home, from washin' to cuttin' & lastly to blendin' & storage for consumption. Hence, Mom only lightly rinsess the veg & reduce any choppin' or cuttin' of them.

Mom: For eg I asked the salesperson on a Monday when did this imported organic veg arrive. She mentioned Friday. Which meant freight-time probably took 2 days? Packagin' time overseas probably 1 day before. Fri til Mon was already 3 days in the shop, I'd estimate the veg to be a week old from overseas to the shop in SG... worse still if I were to wash, cut & blend them & store them for another week in my place. The veg would be 2 weeks+ old! One can only imagine the nutrients left in there (even tho' the veg still looks pretty). And imagine payin' so much for imported veg but with depleted nutrients.
And MOST MOST importantly, do not waste your money & COOK these organic veg! Organic foods are much higher in nutrition compared to non-organic ones & cooking under heat & fire destroys enzymes & depletes nutrients. The best & most bio-available method to consume them (for dogs or humans alike) is to blend them in their RAW state into smoothies.

Organic Lettuce, Organic Broccoli, Organic Xiao Bai Cai 

Organic Kailan (aka chinese kale) & Organic Nai Bai

Organic Red Cabbage, Organic Cucumber, Organic Beans 

Organic Sprouts, Organic Alfalfa, Organic Dou Miao

Organic Carrots, Organic Beet Root, Organic Pepper, Organic Cabbage Sprouts
Mom & Dad's S$1016.50
Vitamix Prep 3
investment (U.P. S$1123.50)

15 locally-grown Organic Veg that cost S$30 after disc. A portion of each to
be blended so that we get nutrients from as many diff veg as possible daily.

The remainin' veg after blendin' our veg. Mom & Dad will use them to blend their raw

1.5L for 3 furry bitches in 7-10 days. Color is brownish due to beet root

That's it for now! And we LOVE our greens as much as Mom & Dad love theirs! Like Mom said, we DO know what is good & bad for us. So for once, stop tryin' to act the ''alpha'' & starve dogs to make us eat foods that were never meant for us in nature.

We'd like to share somethin' with everyone... it may be a long read for some of you, but if you can, please spare a few mins readin' it for the sake of both yourself and your animals.

From the book ''12 Steps to Raw Foods'' How to End Your Dependency on Cooked Food by Victoria Boutenko

pg 39-40

From biology, we know that inside plant cells, tiny organelles called ''mitochondria'' break down carbohydreate and sugar molecules to provide energy. These organelles are alive and constantly at work, but only while the plant is alive, not after it is cooked. Therefore, consuming food that has life in it holds an immense benefit for humans. I have heard from many people that when they stopped eating cooked food, the very first change they noticed was a dramatic increase in their energy levels. (IT IS TRUE! We've stopped eatin' cooked foods & have become Raw-Vegan Foodists too just like our animals, but omiting raw meats/bones or any animal pdts.).

Wild animals intuitively prefer fresher, more alive foods. If given a choice, goats, rabbits, and horses will always choose green grass over hay. We can find numerous examples in nature of various creatures that sustain themselves by eating live food only. For example, a caterpillar from Maui feeds solely on live snails. Most spiders consume exclusively live flies and bugs and would never eat dead insects. If you have ever possessed a lizard as your pet, you know that lizards would rather die from hunger than eat a dead bug, even a freshly caught one. A cheetah eats only fresh meat, consuming just enough to satisfy its hunger.

Of course, there are some animals like vultures, flies, or other scavengers that eat rotten food, including dead meat. However, even those animals do not cook their food. They still get life from their meal but in a different form - as microorganisms. Their bodies have adjusted to digesting decaying food. These creatures usually have a particular or extraordinary high concentration of stomach acid capable of killing pathogenic bacteria.

Wild creatures that eat their natural foods rarely develop degenerative diseases. In contrast, it has become almost expected for domesticated animals to develop cancer, diabetes, arthritis, and other illnesses typical of humans who eat the standard American diet. A growing number of vets contend that processed pet food is the main cause of illness and premature death in the modern dog and cat. In December 1995, the British Journal of Small Animal Practice published a paper stating that processed pet food suppresses the immune system and damges the liver, kidneys, heart, and other organs. This research, initially conducted by Dr. Tom Lonsdale, was replicated by the Australian Veterinary Association, and was proven to be valid.

Dr. Gyorgy Kollath of the Karolinksa Hospital in Stockholm also headed a study of animals. When young animals were fed cooked and processed foods, they initially appeared to be healthy. However, as the animals reached adulthood, they began to age more quickly than normal and also developed chronic degenerative disease symptoms. Members of a control group of animals raised on raw foods aged less quickly and were free of degenerative disease. In nature, we see that wild animals eating entirely enzyme-rich raw foods are free of the degenerative diseases that afflict humans.
I believe the time has come to finally recognize the most important ingredient in our food - life, this invisible yet precious quality - and its significance in the realm of health.''

[We're Raw-Vegan Foodists while our three dogs & cat are on a 100% Raw (Organic) Diet (Raw-Foodists). We've come to learn A WHOLE LOT about living RAW food & health through our animals. We hope to share & for others to follow the path of real living WHOLE raw foods for their precious animals & for themselves too if possible. Other human raw foodists consume RAW meats & bones from organically-raised & healthy animals. Most (if not all) of raw books we've read never fail to include a section solely for animals. Hence, there IS a direct connection for both animals & humans to be RAW Foodists. So there is absolutely no excuse to not feed TRUE carnivores [like our dogs & cats] a RAW & NATURAL diet for them to lead healthy & happy lives of 20 and beyond (note that the average lifespan of a canis lupus is 24 years).]

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