Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Cat Adoption Drive at Chong Pang CC

Mom & Dad brought Chewy to Chong Pang Community Centre on 18092011. There was a Cat Championship show held there... but apparently their sole purpose of going there was to visit Cat Welfare Society (CWS) & LiFeline's booth to purchase some of their cute stuff.

Of course... we weren't allowed to tag alone because we (D-O-G-S) spell C-H-A-O-S for the cats there (even though we live with one). So Chewy went along without us =[

There were about five pretty young cats and kittens for adoption there... a very pretty 1 year young female (reddish colored medium length coat) )Ragdoll X named Cara caught Dad's eyes but they forgot to snap a pix of her.

A 5 months young local tortoiseshell kitten named Zara caught Mom's eyes. And luckily Mom remembered to snap a few pix of her using her lousy iPhone's cam... the pix do no justice at all to the pretty young one...


the colors on her body are pretty spread out evenly throughout

They also took a pix with a very very fat 7 years young cat named Ah Koon. No, he's not up for adoption... he belongs to KittyCare Haven & he was there to generate some funds for them by posing for photos.

Chewy's 3.2kg.. so dat makes Ah Koon.. nearly 10kg?

Ah Koon on the right too! Mom bought a pix of him

And these are some of the stuff Dad & Mom got from there!

Catnip Toy Balls for Chewy & two tote bags (1 from CWS & the other from
LiFeline) + two super cool car decals from CWS

And let this be a reminder for anyone out there who's plannin' on adoptin' a kitty home =]

opps our dear Lauryn's missin' in the pix =p

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