Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Cute Chewy and her Cute Cat Toilet

Mom has changed Chewy's cat-toilet for some time now. It used to be a typical (blue) portable dog crate. But Mom's friend gave one really cute cat-toilet to Chewy & hence, Mom decided to use that since it has a ''door'' that prevents the soiled cat-litter (that turns into sand) from being kicked out onto the floor.


Cats are really quick learners. Chewy learned to go in & out of her toilet in less than 5 minutes! Mom knows some ppl like teaching their cats to use the humans' toilet, some even teaching the cats how to flush (but it's not good as some have commented that their water-bill will increase since the cat loves lookin' at the toilet being flushed over and over again). But Mom just thinks it's pretty un-natural for them & deprives them of their natural instinct to ''dig'' after they're done with their pee/poo.

Here's more cutie chew!


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Honey the Great Dane said...

Oh Chewy! I just saw your comment on Honey's FB page now and came straight over! How cool that we have the same toilet! :-) But you're so much more clever than me - when my humans put the door on, I got a bit flummoxed and didn't know what to now they just leave it off. Anyway, Honey is too big to even fit her head in it - ha! ha! (coz she likes to eat kitty poo, you know - she thinks they'rea great delicacy! :-) )

My humans think you are just gorgeous, Chewy - they LOVE calicao kitties. I must show Paul your movie when he comes home tonight (although I do think your humans ought to give you a bit of privacy - well, really! How is a kitty supposed to keep her poise & composure?? )

And I'm so pleased to have found your blog again - I'm going to add you to Honey's Google Reader so that I can always keep up to date with your adventures! (Although my human is often so busy that we're very behind with following blog friends - still, we DO read everything eventually! :-)

Chat soon!