Monday, September 5, 2011

More Updates of Chewy!

Chewy is one cat whom loves her greens just like us (& our humans)! She'll have a tinge of organic blended greens in her daily meals as well as organic vegan superfoods. And just like us, or rather, she's influenced by us to beg for our humans' raw greens too. Some of her fav. greens are wild rockets and spinach.


Mom recently snapped a few pix of Chewy with her iPhone... cuz Dad brought the DSLR along with him to Bali.



Then... Mom also managed to get some vids of Chew playing ball. She has never learned ''fetch'' but does that alot... even better than us! Chewy seems more like a dog than us -___-

But in these few vids, she didn't fetch... no worries... Mom will definitely manage to get that vid one day! Chewy seems to know when she's being video-ed & simply refuse to ''perform'' her great fetching skill.


Mom's also in the midst of teachin' Chewy to SIT, STAY, COME and WAIT (for her food). Cats are a lil' stubborn (no, make that VERY!)... but she's proven to be a very fast learner! (that's as long as she decides not to be stubborn).

Hopefully we'll get a gd vid of her next time... waitin' patiently for the words ''OK'' from Mom before diving into her foodbowl.

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