Friday, September 9, 2011

The Many Faces of Chewy the Kitty Cat

If you're wonderin' why Mom's snappin' so many peektures of Chewy... well, she has a reason of course! It will be revealed soon... hopefully around end Sept, early Oct 2011. =]

More pix of Chewy! Mom thinks she's really the most beautiful stray/local/Domestic Short Hair (DSH)/paria cat(meaning drain cat or cat found in drains) etc she's ever seen! Not cuz she lives with us... but cuz Mom truly means it. Which is why I think she couldn't bear to rehome Chewy when she first brought her home last November 2010...

06092011 one of Mom's fav. pix of her

07092011 screaming Chewy!

lazy chewy

BEAUTIFULLLLL Chewy! Absolute Beauty

happy/smiley Chewy!

Pouting Chewy!

pissed Chewy


Gangster Chewy!

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