Saturday, September 10, 2011

Our Organic Puree Fruits

Mom has decided to puree our organic fruits (apples/papaya/watermelon) now... since they're more expensive than the non-organic ones... she reckons its better to puree them so that we'll be able to absorb them better. It's said that (puree) fruits are more absorbable compared to (pureed) veg.

Mom has also found another brand of organic papaya which is much cheaper than the one she usually gets which are imported from Australia. The brand she's currently gettin' is ZenXin which is from our neighbouring country Malaysia. This helps to lessen our eco-footprint on the environment (since its nearer to us in Singapore) & also ensure freshness as compared to purchasin' those from further countries. Of course, if they're freshly grown in Singapore, by all means support our local organic farmers!

So our 1st meal is organic blended veg + organic blended fruits + organic hydrated chia seeds + truganic superfood. All plant/fruit-based foods together in one meal... followed by our organic raw meats/bones/organs/eggs/supp abt a couple of hours later.

ZenXin's organic papayas

ready to puree

done in just a few seconds

puree organic papaya (one whole papaya) which will last the three of us
less than a week

our daily plant/fruit-based meal
Organic Hydrated Chia Seeds + Organic Blended Veg (15+ different veg) +
Organic pureed Papaya + Truganic Vegan Superfood

filmed on 11092011

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