Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Customized Oil Paintings from Bali

We received our customized oil painting cushion covers & tote bag of us on the night of 28092011 with the help of Dad's friend! That was the reason why Mom had been snappin' so many pix of Chewy recently - to choose a nice pix of Chewy for the oil painting!

Dad went on a diving course in Bali last month & chanced upon an artist's shop there. So then they emailed her our pix... luckily Dad's friend happened to be makin' another trip down to Bali & hence, collected all the orders for us & other friends'.

Four cushion covers (40cm by 40cm) of us individually + a tote bag of our family pix. We all love it! And special thanks to the artist in Bali for her wonderful work. =D

snapped with iPhone upon receivin' 'em!

a better pix of the pups & kitty together wit the paintings

four cushion covers + a tote bag

Back of Cushion Cover

Velvet on cushion cover

Chewy on cushion cover

Lauryn on cushion cover

Cotton on cushion cover

Natural Pawpals on Tote Bag! =DD

okay this will surely be Mom's fav. bag from now on

Dad's friend's pup - Maxie (shetland) on cushion cover

Dad's friend's pup - Xiao Bai (GR) on cushion cover

Dad's friend's friend's pup - Piper on denim tote bag

Dad's friend's friend's pup - Snowy (maltese) on cushion cover

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