Monday, September 12, 2011

Ikea's Doll Bed & Rat Toy

Dad bought an Ikea's doll bed (S$25) & a rat toy (S$1.80) for Chewy on 09092011. The doll bed's shared by all of us & we take turns to slp on it while the rat toy belongs to Chewy (but if it gets into my paws, its mine!).

And of cuz Mom took lotsa pix of lil' Chewy havin' fun on 09092011.

Gettin' rdy to play


''watch me claw!''

1st one on the bed!

''friend or foe?''


''kill him kill him!''

her menancing look

its time to rest

''... yes ma...??''

''yes i know im super cute''

whose bed izzit anyways?!

chewy: ''bed got hijacked by my boss''

''incoming!! make way make way!!''

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